Hurts and Documentation

Saturday morning we went out to run some errands. Our plan eventually led us to Providence Marketplace in Mt. Juliet to look for some shoes for Kris. Our late decision landed us in the area precisely at lunch time. Owen requested Wendy’s (somehow preferring this to Chick-fil-A which was right across the street) so we headed that way and in his eagerness to get inside he rammed his exposed big toe (he should have heeded my incessant questioning of his Wendy’s preference) with the entrance door to the restaurant. It bled and hurt and he cried and it was awful. I did remember finally that I had band-aids in the van but the mention of that made him howl louder. He has, until this incident, hated band-aids. We were able to convince him that he is much better off covering over the wound so that when walking around later he doesn’t get it dirty or bump it into other things. He finally agreed, or at least realized it was hopeless to continue wailing, and before lunch was over, spoke proudly of his Scooby Doo band-aid. The next day he was upset at the idea of taking it off, but evidently lost it in a sock while playing at the playground at church. I hope they realized it before they threw those socks in the wash. Ew.

So, I guess our errand running wasn’t completely unsuccessful. Though we didn’t find shoes, or complete most of the other things we set out to do yesterday morning, we did see Owen transform into a kid who enjoys a good band-aid.

Owen has been quite the photographer lately. He has often been caught with my new cell phone snapping pictures of things with great delight. Ivan too has enjoyed sneaking off with this wonderfully fun cell phone toy and both have been asked nicely to leave it alone. I have a hard time enforcing this as I am both entertained by their entertainment as well as completely unaware at times that they have taken off with the thing.

On Saturday we decided to talk to Grandma and Granddaddy on the computer for a little while and while talking Owen grabbed the phone and snapped a couple of pictures of the screen. Actually, he took a couple pictures of the keyboard and half of the monitor until I helped him to get a better shot. He did take these, I just had to make him wait patiently to get the full picture in his camera before snapping.

I Really Like My Tuxedo!

Owen was in a wedding on Saturday. He loved it. The attention and the excitement and then the cake will last him quite a while. He did a great job and exclaimed to us out of the blue the next day how much he liked wearing a tux. Good…because he gets to wear another one next month for uncle Kevin’s wedding.

I’d like to post more pictures of him here but I am out of time. I’ll try to add more later.

Annual Check Up

Owen had his annual check up today. We sat for an eternity in the waiting room with so many different people. I’ve noticed before that our doctor, who is a family practitioner, has a lot of older patients and I seldom see kids or even younger adults in the waiting room. My theory is that most younger patients go to doctors with specialties. Children especially, are more likely to see a pediatrician than a family doctor. This is fine as all of these “older” patients get a kick out of my kids. Owen’s visit was uneventful and he was diagnosed a good patient and a healthy boy. The doctor did comment that he’s very tall for his 3 and a half years which I of course took credit for personally. Coming from such tall stock that I do…er…I mean, having the insight to marry into such a tall family. I do take credit for his large, but healthy tonsils. Those are definitely from me.

He just came in a moment ago, from playing outside, and announced that he’s too wet. I allowed him to go out and play with the neighbor kids on the slip and slide next door. He evidently didn’t even slide on it, just got close enough to get splashed real good and didn’t like it. His feelings were hurt because someone got him wet. We’ll have to coach him in water play I guess. He is back outside with fresh dry clothes and instructions that if he doesn’t want to get wet, to stay away from the water. Too funny.


Owen has been faithful to pray before each meal and at bedtime but has always just repeated a prayer from memory, like “God is Great.” I’ve encouraged him at times to tell God things he wants to say to Him but he has been too self-conscious and wouldn’t do it. This evening at dinner I asked him if he would like to pray and he said “you” as he often does when he would rather I say the blessing. So I prayed something simple about our blessings and the food we were thankful for. After saying amen he complained that I had not thanked God for letting him play on the trampoline. This was apparently a big deal for him. I looked at him and explained that if there was something he wanted God to know he needed to pray himself and tell Him. Very quickly he assumed the posture again, squinted his eyes very tightly and began praying. He started slowly with a very quiet, “Lord God…” he paused and thought through what he wanted to say and then listed all his thank yous, including the adventure on the trampoline. I was surprised really, since he had refused so many times before, but thankful and touched at his comfortable requests and assurances, especially when he said “…and I know you like me…”

Do You Know Your Daddy’s Number?

Today at the zoo, Grandpa opened his cell phone and began looking for a phone number. Owen was standing right beside him and immediately noticing what Grandpa was doing, leaned in and announced, “my phone number is _ _ _-_ _ _ _.” Insert correct phone number in the blanks. I don’t necessarily want that information plastered on the internet.

The other day while Hayden and Jackson were here playing I overheard a conversation Owen was having with Jackson regarding phone numbers. Jackson announced that he knew his mommy’s phone number and Owen responded with a recitation of his own phone number. Jackson asked if that was his mommy’s or his daddy’s phone number and Owen said it was his mommy’s. Jackson then insisted that it’s very important that Owen know his daddy’s phone number. Without taking any time to argue over the matter Owen quickly blurted out a false phone number for Jackson, “677-8899!”

Let’s Talk About Jesus

Easter was a nice day for all of us and I was especially excited about Owen’s interest in what the holiday is about. After leaving our little family get together up at “Aunt Backy’s” last night Owen began his barrage of questions with: “Mommy, do you want to talk about Jesus dying on the cross?”

He then proceeded to ask question after question about why God would send Jesus to die, why does Jesus love me, why does God love me, why did he have to die and so on. He talked about Jesus praying in the garden and the crown of thorns and many of the things leading up to the cross and then mentioned something about the empty tomb. I forget exactly what he said but I was impressed with his knowledge. It was somewhat difficult to bring it all down to words that he would understand but I think he really got a grasp of the sacrifice it took for him to be able to go to Heaven. He is very excited about going to Heaven and meeting Noah, and David and Daniel and Joseph and all the other characters he’s learning about. When I asked him who he would most like to meet in Heaven he said, “all the animals from Noah’s ark.

O-W-E-N Spells Owen

At his request, I wrote Owen’s name on the bathtub wall with the bathtub crayons that Grandma gave him. Later when I came to clean him up I found these letters scrawled beneath my own. He really didn’t want much attention drawn to it, but he had indeed written the O, E and N. When I asked him about W, he explained and still insists that he cannot make a W. I thought this was pretty good work regardless and I only wish it could be saved. Unfortunately the fiberglass wall is too large for a scrapbook or in my case shoe box of memorabilia to save for him. Digital pictures are good though.

Lightning McQueen Underwear

Grandma bought Owen a pack of Lightning McQueen underwear on one of their last visits. He wouldn’t wear them until I took the tags off but now that they are tag free, insists on wearing them all the time. He also insists that he is faster because he wears Lightning McQueen Underwear. The other day he ran around the corner with incredible speed, explained to me the source of his super speedy powers in his underwear and then asked, “Do you have fast underwear?”