It’s birthday season at our house. Aron’s was just 3 days ago(the 25th of September). Mine is coming soon. But Ivan’s , not so much. See his is the 29th of November so , yeah.

Anyway Aron got a painting of a Christmas tree,by ME! Also Tic tacs from Ivan and Mom. For my birthday want Grandma and Granddaddy to come over and two books in particular Hardy boys 56, and 57. Hope someone gets them for me. šŸ™‚ There’s more but that’s the main thing. I’m almost 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Owen is long. Tall. Stretched. Big.

His height is already threatening mine. Not quite to my shoulder, but close.

His heart is big too. I’m extremely proud of this boy.

He loves. His heart is not perfect, but he does love. He loves his God. He doesn’t always see Him in the people around him, but if I mention that he has mistreated or hurt someone God loves, and that it reflects his relationship with God, it melts him.

I am amazed at how sincere he is. How honest. How truly good his heart is.

Earlier this month, in conversation during play with his buddy across the street, he encouraged him to ask Jesus into his heart. This was not a new concept for Bradley, he’s been in church all his life, he just hadn’t prayed the prayer yet. Owen wanted him to take care of that. He suggested some wording and prayed with him.

He told me later, “mom, after he prayed, Bradley just couldn’t stop grinning.”

Neither could I.

He is his own. So many attributes of Kris and I, but so much only himself. I wonder at him at times and then other times, completely relate, understand and feel his joy and pain.

He reads as if his brain will starve without a book. He is hungry for story, for wonder, for mind adventure. I can’t keep up. I used to read everything that he reads. I read to be sure it’s all okay, but I can’t do it every time anymore. I have to trust, pray, trust and listen.

He leads quietly, he works faithfully, helping when asked, dutifully, the oldest child that does the right things. I can count on him. I hope for him. I worry, but I don’t worry scared. I worry cautiously. That I don’t take advantage, push too hard, expect too much. He rises to the expectation because he wants to do the right thing. He loves to be right. I want him to love being.

He grows fast. Not just on the outside.

It is so important to feed him well. Not just in his stomach.

Today I watched a video about healthy children. It pushed me to look close at what I do at home to keep my family well. I was with them until the end. “What is more important than your child’s health?” the voice said expectantly. Dangling my worth in front of me in crayon art of pears and apples. My spirit stiff armed the message. Wrong. There is so much more. The heart! Who will advocate the child’s heart? I wanted to toss the whole away. It looks so good, such a well made roof to keep the bad from falling on us, but it’s foundation is off, it cannot shelter me.

He and his brothers started training in karate this year. He surprises me at what he can do. His ability to remember, to perfect, to be precise. His instructors are patient, but honest and they suit him well.

School, church, karate, home, He does well. He has so much still to learn, but I am so confident in his eagerness and strength in learning. God has him tight. My heart is peaceful.

I am blessed.

An Off Day in Second Grade

This exchange happened after I received a note from Owen’s teacher and a downcast face from my boy about him showing off a bit with his friends.

Dear Mrs. Martin,

I wanted to write and apologize for Owen’s language and behavior today. I know that he is not in the habit of using unsavory language, nor would Kris or I allow him to. I do feel somewhat at fault for maybe not stressing the “badness” of the word He used. I don’t remember my exact words, but I know that we talked about that word and the fact that it’s in the Bible and what it used to mean. I am confident that I told him it is unacceptable though.

I had thought at first, partly due to his insistence that he was only saying it as it refers to a donkey, that he might actually be innocent. I asked him a lot of questions though, and the clincher for me was when I asked if he still would have said that word if you had been standing next to him. He admitted that he would not have said it.

I can only suspect that he was trying to impress or even shock the other boys by allowing it to escape his lips. I don’t know yet what his intent was

I also don’t know what was going on in the bathroom. Again, he said he wouldn’t have done whatever he did in the classroom or in mixed company. So he was indeed guilty, and full of the shame of it.

I don’t know what came over my boy today and I don’t know why it was all on teacher appreciation day. I’m sure that didn’t convey appreciation very well. I don’t know yet if there’s more I need to do, but I know that I’m thankful.

Thankful that he was mad at himself (not at the boy who told on him) after you talked with him. Thankful that you made a big deal about it and deducted points from his conduct sheet as well as punished him today. I’m thankful that I can send him out, away from me, and he is not just watched over, he is held up. Thank you for keeping the standard that I would myself.

It also gave me the opportunity to teach him 1 Thes. 5:22 and what the Bible says about avoiding evil. Even if he had done nothing wrong, even if his defense about not “meaning” the word in a bad way were completely true, it had the look and feel of “bad” and that’s not Christ like.

I had to write a similar note for Ivan’s teacher earlier this week. Not for poor language choices, thank goodness, but for repeated selfishness, which is what it usually boils down to for all of us. Oddly, I am not discouraged. I am pretty sure that God didn’t give me these fellas to simply enjoy, but to build up, correct and strengthen. How can I build up, correct and strengthen, if I don’t know where the flaws are?

Thank you again for everything you do in that classroom. I appreciate you and the school and all that goes into keeping our children safe and strong.

God Bless,
Mary Kelso

Her reply:


First, let me say I LOVE YOU!! šŸ™‚ Owen is the wonderful boy that he is because of the godly parents raising him!
Second, no apologize is needed because I was just happy to learn that Owen really isn’t perfect!:) His little heart was crushed when we were talking about how his actions had affected his witness for Christ. It was very evident that he loves his Lord and was very sorry for his behavior.
Third, have you ever considered teaching a parenting class? You would be wonderful at it and there are some parents that could benefit from your wisdom!
Thank you for making my day through your testimony as a Christian parent! I am blessed by you every time I speak with you!

All to His glory,


P.S, Please remember that I have raised three boys and am working on the fourth one. There is nothing a boy can do that I haven’t seen before!! šŸ™‚

I love the “P.S.”

My Invention

the Note Mark is my first invention. It has a marker tied to it.It is technically a piece of paper. well it’s more than that.

the “Note-Mark”:

“Where was I again?”

“Don’t write in your book!”

Taking notes.

My paper is filled. šŸ™

hole punching.

tieing the string.

tiiing the ring.

Picking a marker.

Puting on the marker.

Putting on Post Its.

“It’s done!”

taking notes

“It works”

“It fits!”

“I remember now!” šŸ™‚

Legoland Florida

Yesterday, I went to Legoland Florida. It was AWESOME! It was a gift we got for Christmas. McDonalds had a coupon that Mema (my great-grandmother) got for me and my brothers. Me, Grandma, Granddaddy, mom, dad, Ivan and Aron all went together and had a lot of fun.

This is the welcome to Legoland Florida sign. It’s made of like 2000 Legos.

Right when we went in I saw like two dinosaurs, made of like 1000 Legos.

First, we got in line for “Island in the Sky” but the line was way too long, so we decided to do something else. Then we went over to a little place called “Lego Factory.” We got to see the Legos be made. I think they were made out of like colored beads or something.

By the way, there’s like 50 million Legos in this place.

We went up to Lego City, they have a bunch of themes in this place, just like Disney Land. I think. Anyway, I went to “Boating School”, “Driving School” and “Flying School.” I didn’t really want to go on “Flying School” but dad talked me into it. It was a roller coaster with the track on top. My head kept bouncing back and forth on the seats cause it was going so fast. Dad said it was going to go slow or a little faster than a ski lift, but it was a LOT faster. Dad still talked me into it, and of course he got Ivan to do it too, and we were both freaked out. We did the dragon roller coaster later in the day, right before the fireworks.

The fireworks were awesome. We had these really cool glasses that made all bright lights far away look like there were two Lego bricks surrounding it. So when the fireworks exploded it made even more Lego bricks go with every single bit of light that came out.

The dragon roller coaster was really creepy. It had a bunch of stuff. It even had a dragon made out of Legos and the tail was sticking out in the next room. And then the roller coaster took us outside and that’s the part I got freaked out in. No roller coasters for me from then on. I didn’t even do the “Test Track.”

When we went to “Driving School” Aron went to “Jr. Driving School” while we were at “Flying School.” Then at our “Driving School” we all got driver’s licenses after our test. We got to see this video showing how they made the giant Ford outside.

Here’s the video.

I think my favorite ride was the “Beetle Bounce.” You pretty much just get in this big chair and there’s a spring that pushes you up, and then you go part way down, and then it pushes you back up, and then you go a little farther down, and then it pushes you up, and then you almost get all the way to the top but you don’t always get all the way to the bottom. Once we did it the first time, we liked it so much, we went over to the line and got back in line right away.

Right after we went to the 4D theater, we went to have a snack. After that, we finally got on the “Island in the Sky.” They said it had a record on people being on it. And we broke it. It was the best day ever!

My School Christmas Party

Yesterday was my Christmas party. This is a picture of me and my friends that my mom took. We got to open a lot of presents and I got a Beyblade. The name of my Beyblade was Earth Virgo. I beat Earth Eagle with him. Earth Eagle seems way better than Earth Virgo, but I still won.

This picture is the whole class playing a game. We had to pass presents around that actually really had stuff in it. I’ll show you what it is later. Mine broke. The girl beside me is Meridith.

The kid beside me in this picture is named George. He has the Earth Eagle Beyblade. George is very strong.

Now you know what was in my present. And you know who won? Meridith! It was almost me, but there was one more pass to the right and I had to hand the grand prize to her. But I was okay with that after we all took out our gift, because she got the same thing, just in a bigger box.

This is my brother Aron. I put my Hershey bar that I got and dipped it in some chocolate milk. Never try it. It was disgusting.

It was the funnest Christmas party EVER!

Week of Camp

Iā€™m back from camp with a lot of stuff to tell. Well after we got some candy we went to play a game and I went to the empty ring and-did I mention that I was on the gray team? Anyway as I was saying I went to the empty ring and scraped my ankle. (the ring was wood just so you no.) Tuesday I scraped my toe at the pool.

On Wednesday I went to the pool while it was raining. And on Thursday we went canoeing (We got stuck a few times.)

On Friday I got a t-shirt and Pastor Chris even signed my shirt!