Fun Conversations

Me: Owen, what did you do with your socks?

Owen: I put them right there (pointing to a chair where he had hung them to dry)

Me: Okay

Owen: They were wet. But I can just wear my feet. Cause God made me.

Me: Yes.

Owen: And Jesus made me.

Me: Yep.

Owen: Jesus helped God made me. It’s so great!


(Just before going outside to play with the neighbor boys)

Owen: Do you think Hayden likes me?

Me: Yes, I do.

Owen: I do too. Do you think Jackson likes me?

Me: Yes.

Owen: I do too…he squeeze me a lot.

It’s My Whole Life

Owen looking through the aquarium

The other night after being sent to bed, Owen was explaining how important something was to him and said to me, “It’s my whole life.” He was so serious and his inflections are very dramatic. Of course I held my breath and stifled my laugh until I got out of his room.

He is continuing to learn and understand more all of the time and his vocabulary is growing each day it seems. He still insists on certain things like asking me to unbutton his shirt when he is putting it on.

He is doing better when it comes to saying please and washing his hands after going to the rest room, although the other day I realized that in his mind picking up the dry bar soap and putting it back down was sufficient. This was discouraged mind you, and he is improving.

On Saturday we put one of Kris’ aquariums back into commission and Owen loves it. We decided to start with the 20 gallon tank and we bought a stand and put it in the kitchen. Every morning he asks to feed the fish and of course if the light is off he wants it on. He makes this request by saying “can you please make it purple?” The background on the tank is a violet blue which he insists is purple.

He is a very busy little guy and has way too much to say. He talks non-stop and most of that is in the form of question. I know that without questions it would be difficult to learn anything so I try to be patient, but at times I feel like I’m going to go insane. Kris and I realized that we often ask him questions that we already know the answer to, as most parents do, in order to find out what he knows about something. We think he has picked up on this and in turn asks us questions that are obvious, just to make conversation. He tries very hard to sound like an adult. When I give him instruction, explaining how to make something work, he says “ooooh, yeah, yeah, yeah.” He has no concept of what time really means but uses time references all the time. Anything that happened in the past was “last night” and anything that takes any amount of time is “for a long time.” If he thinks something will take a long time, he says “is it going to be for a while?” He also says “or something” after many of his questions. For instance…”are you going to make me lunch…or something?”

There is of course, more that I can’t think of but I will try to post as I remember or hear them. I need to figure out a way to put a recording of his voice saying these things on here. There must be a way.

I Wish I Had My Camera!

The other day the whole family was here in front of my computer talking to Grandma and Granddaddy on Skype. Owen ran off quickly and announced as he was opening the door to the bathroom that he had “to go”.

He was gone for quite a while but as we talked we sort of forgot about him. When he finally did appear again I quickly told him to go to his bathroom where his step stool is and wash his hands in there. Instead of bathroom though I said restroom. He turned toward me, and with every bit of seriousness responded with: “My bathroom isn’t a restroom, it’s just a bathroom.”

This was somewhat funny in itself, but what was hilarious to me was that he was wearing my glasses and walking off with them as if he wore them all the time and wasn’t even going to draw attention to the fact that he had them on. Of course they were a little big for him but I can’t tell you how cute I think he looks in glasses. His little blond/brown head with those serious brown eyes make spectacles look right at home. I do hope he never needs them but if he does…at least he looks good in them.

Almost Every Day

“Mommy, I want to watch Toy Story!”

“No, you don’t need to watch Toy Story.”

“Yes, I do want to, it’s my fravorite movie and I want to watch it.”

“Yes, I know it’s your favorite but you don’t need to watch it.”

“I like to watch good movies and it’s a good movie.”

“I’m glad you like to watch good movies…you don’t need to watch a movie right now.”


“Go play.”

Just Like Delicious

Owen has been saying so many fun things. The other day while eating something he enjoyed he made the above comment: “This is just like delicious.” He is figuring out a lot of things like which people are boys and which ones are girls. He still doesn’t get it right with everyone but he’s starting to notice the differences. He has taken note of traffic lights and loves to announce when they are green so that we can go. Yesterday and today when he sat down to eat I heard him say, “This is going to make me big and strong.” I honestly don’t know if I said that to him or not, but someone did and it stuck. He corrects us at times, if I miss-quote a line from Toy Story 2 he is sure to let me know how it should have been said. He is also very aware of what he should and should not do and will tell those who would tempt him of his parameters. Wednesday Grandma was in the back of the van with him and offered him a little snack but he quickly let her know that daddy said we can’t eat in the van followed with the explanation, “We have to leave it clean.” He will also pit the grown ups against one another if he can in order to get what he wants. This morning I told him not to do something and he countered with “Grandma said I need to…”

Tonight we will be making our first family trip to Chuck-E-Cheese. He has never been and I was hoping to avoid it as long as possible but that is where our friends suggested we meet and with four small boys between us it is probably a good idea. Let’s hope for a clean environment and happy children.

Floating at the Playground

Kris and I took the boys and headed out to vote on the last day of early voting. Wilson county, where we live, had two early voting locations. The closest of these was at the park where we had Owen’s birthday party and where there is a very nice large playground. When Owen asked what we were doing I told him we were going to vote. He interpreted this as boat and asked if we were going to the lake. He couldn’t and still can’t get the relationship of voting and water out of his head and again today asked if we were “floating at the playground.”

Owen is Three!

It doesn’t quite seem possible that our little man could be three years old, but he insists that he is (except when he’s insisting that he’s five) and we tend to believe those three little fingers when he hold them up and says “I’m Free!”

We had a party:
Charlie Daniels Park in Mt. Juliet
Perfect weather
Wonderful Friends

Great Gifts

Buzz Light-year Piñata

Big Cake with Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Bulls eye hanging out on top.

Thus far, three is going well. He seems to have a great time in the three year old room at church. He loves being a big boy and his understanding seems to grow daily. He goes potty by himself most of the time. He occasionally asks me to help but it is mostly because he wants my attention and on busy days that seems to him to be the only way to get it. Makes me feel bad of course, so I have been trying to do better. He is becoming more and more rough and tumble, and our serious little boy has been changing into a more active and aggressive little boy. He is still laid back most of the time and enjoys following as much as leading when he’s playing with other children. Jayna and Krista were here for a day and she being the little CEO of the future led him around and told him how they were going to play. He was absolutely fine with that and they got along just fine. I hope that he will assume a little more dominance in the future but I am grateful for his compliance right now.

He got to spend some time with his great-grandparents last week and had a blast. Here are a couple of pictures of our visit to a farm south of town near where they were staying.

Just a Few More Hours

Just a few more hours and Owen will be three. He is sleeping through the hour of that landmark for us. 12:36 a.m. October 6, 2003. It won’t mean nearly as much to him as it does to me. I am thinking back to that moment and reliving where I was three years ago right now. Miserable, tired, and a little scared. I was wondering if he was ever going to come out. To see him all cuddled up in the same blanket that swaddled him just days after he was born is so sweet for me. He is in many ways still a little baby but in so many more ways he is a little man trying desperately to burst forth and take charge. All day today his mantra was “I want to help you ______” fill in the blank with whatever I was doing at the moment. Whether it was laundry, dishes, phone-calls or quilting, he wanted to be a part of it and he wanted to do it himself. His birthday tomorrow will probably fly by without him really knowing much about it, but on Saturday he will have a full day of adventure with Amber and Madison and then a party to celebrate being three that night. I’m excited for him. He’s been begging for more birthday cake for a full year now.

What is Chee?

I finally figured it out. Lately when I grab a block of cheese to slice it onto a sandwich Owen says “I want a chee.”

I know what he’s asking for, he wants a slice of cheese but why does he say it this way? Well, today it finally dawned on me that he thinks when we say cheese we are using the plural form of a word. Many slices of cheese to him are chees. He wants a singular form of these chees so of course he asks for “a chee.”

I love his brain.

Almost Three

Owen is just weeks away from his third birthday and I am so proud of his progress. He seems to understand so much and has learned so many new things.

Potty training has been the biggest milestone for us and he is doing well. He’s been pretty consistent and though he still has an occasional accident he is learning to be sorry for his accidents which is a deterrent on its own. He still needs lots of encouragement and gets distracted a lot, forgetting to go to the potty when he’s playing intently but most of the time he will either go on his own or tell me that he has to go.

Owen knows his alphabet and though he gets a little hung up on 14 and 15, can count to twenty-nineteen. What is twenty-nineteen you ask? Well, it’s right after twenty-eight…not sure why he adds the “teen” but he did. He really loves his puzzles and because of the map of the United States puzzle his grandparents gave him, he knows a lot of the states by shape.

Two has been an interesting age and I’m anticipating good things as we dive into age three.