Keep Mom Laughing and You Just Might Get Away With It

“I got new clothes mom.”

This I heard as he came down the stairs and of course at 3:30 in the afternoon, I’m wondering why he needed new clothes. He announced fairly nonchalantly that he peed in his pants and needed something to wear. I immediately felt angry about the whole peeing in the pants thing until I saw what he was wearing. I was so overcome with surprise and humor that I quickly forgot anger or discipline and grabbed the camera so he could pose. The “long shorts” that he’s wearing in the pictures below were stored neatly in the back of his dresser to keep them away from some of the other clothes lest they mistakenly get passed on to someone else or otherwise given away. They were the pants he wore to be dedicated when he was 4 months old. They are also the least summery pants he’s ever had. Being made of a charcoal colored wool and completely lined. The waist is lined with red plaid flannel, very Christmas. I asked him a few questions and made him turn around and show me his find before explaining what they were. When I told him that he wore them as a baby he said in his own defense, “well, they still fit.” I made him take them off, but only after snapping pictures. I apologize for the quality of my shots. The camera must be set differently somehow because I wasn’t able to focus at all. I didn’t want to risk missing the shots in order to figure it out, so here they are in all their fuzziness.

In his defense regarding the potty accident. I remembered soon after that he had announced that he needed to go potty while downstairs but I forced him to go upstairs because the downstairs toilet is clogged (which is aggravation for another post). I think the whole registration of the dilemma topped off by the distance between bathrooms was too much and he failed to make it in time. I’ll let it go…this time.

Owen enjoys several of the Shel Silverstein books we’ve purchased and received as gifts. One of those books, The Missing Piece Meets The Big O, he asks me to read to him frequently. To give a little background the story is about the Missing Piece who is pie shaped and cannot roll looking for someone who is missing a piece, to fit with him and allow him to roll. In his search, he meets up with the Big O who is fascinating to him and yet he isn’t missing any pieces and therefore has no need for the missing piece. I highly recommend this book as it is very simple and yet full of wisdom regarding relationships. That’s not the point of this story though. The point is…this morning while playing with Ivan in the living room they both began heading for the large silver bouncy ball that usually stays outside or in the garage. Owen, noticing Ivan’s direction, quickly picked up the pace and said, “No, it’s the big O. Don’t get it!” Then he began rolling it around the room quoting the book and explaining to Ivan that he isn’t missing any pieces but he can roll with him if he would like. It was just cute to see his translation of the book to a real object.

Another Owen Quote

Owen, who cannot be talked out of his conviction that the new baby is a girl, has had many questions and much interest toward the upcoming birth. This morning around 6:45 he crawled into bed with us. He often does this, which allows me to keep my eyes closed just a little longer and allows him to snuggle a bit before Ivan wakes up and pulls me from the bed. Usually he just climbs up beside me on the edge of the bed, but this morning he decided he wanted to be between us and found himself a spot under the covers and up against my back. He reached over, patted my belly and said,

“Is that sister big yet?”

“King George and Kentucky”

This morning Owen asked if he could watch Veggie Tales, I said maybe and then he asked for a specific episode. He asked to watch “King George” and I said, “King George and the Ducky”. I wanted him to finish his breakfast first so I continued checking blogs and the weather. After several minutes he asked again…”Are you going to find King George and Kentucky?”

“I Love Going To Bed!”

As mentioned in my blog, Owen and Ivan both slept over 12 hours last night. It must have been a good experience for him. Add that to the fact that he didn’t get a nap today and a complete personality change has come over our boy.

Owen normally whines and cries at bedtime. He does not want to go, he does not want to get his pajamas on, he does not want to be left in his room. Normally even on cooperative nights he cries as I leave his room. Tonight, however, was very different. Tonight as the sun went down he announced that it was dark and questioned whether it was bedtime. Tonight when it was bedtime I hinted at going upstairs and doing something and he questioned whether or not he could go to bed. I responded affirmatively and he said, “oh good, I love going to bed.” As he was getting ready for bed, he made the statement several more times and was happier than anything to be laid on his pillow and covered with his blanket.

How refreshing.

Another Corner Turned

Up until last night when Owen had to go to the bathroom in the night he would cry pitifully in his bed until one of us heard him, stumbled to his room and carried him to the restroom. He was completely helpless while there too, his independence during the day was totally gone and he needed me to do everything from lifting him to the potty, to pulling his sleeves up and down to wash his hands.

Last night we turned a little corner and he actually got himself up and though he still attempted to come to me first, instead of straight to the restroom, he was up and awake enough to make a move. Somehow I heard him jump out of bed and though I didn’t know what was going on I figured I had better get up and find out if I was needed. Sure enough I met him in the hall as he was headed toward me saying “I gotta go potty!”. I quickly turned him around and followed him to the restroom. He still needed me to turn the light on in the bedroom next to the bathroom because the bathroom is dark but if I turn the light on in the bathroom it’s too bright. But he did everything else, even climbing up to wash his hands without me prompting him. The only thing he wanted was for me to carry him back to his bed. I was proud to do it this time. It’s so funny how such small things can make you feel like you’ve won a victory. I imagine that now he will feel much more confident to go potty at night and maybe before long I won’t even know it happened.

Big Brother Again

Owen has been a pretty good big brother thus far and we are excited to give him opportunity to further his skills. When asked if he would like a brother or sister his immediate reply is “sister”. He already has a brother after all and so many of his friends have sisters, he wants to try it out.

Today I was re-explaining to him that I don’t feel very good because there is a baby growing inside me. He immediately remembered the same conversation from the day before and said…”Did you tell me that last night, at Walgreen’s?”

It wasn’t last night, it was yesterday morning, but it was in the Walgreen’s parking lot. Any past event happened “last night” in his vocabulary.

I’m hoping to take in lots of quotes as his concept of a new baby unfolds and he can express his thoughts on the subject. I’m glad he’s warmed up to the idea lately because just a few months ago when asked if he wanted another baby in the family he gave me a decided “No.” He is very aware of the time and energy Ivan takes up and didn’t want any more interruptions in his life. However, each day his independence grows and he’s more inclined to help with Ivan than to struggle with him. I know that will probably change again as Ivan grows and the struggle becomes more of the relationship but for now it is nice to see him take that “big brother” position.