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You know I was maybe four or younger on my blog, now I’m seven. So, I play with older things and do things with older kids.

My best friend is Bradley and he likes Pokemon. I really like the Hardy Boys books. Bradley, not so much. I’m reading book 16 right now. The title of Book 16 is “The Figure in Hiding.” I bought it with my own money because I was selling things to Ivan for money. Plus, I earned it with chores.

I do stuff like sweeping the kitchen and vacuuming the living room and dusting and stuff like that.

I’m on chapter 12 in book 16. I’m also reading “The Hobbit.” Mom, is still on book 12, because I hid my books from her.

Also, I have codes. They are: Code 1 – A23-151C2-D576-A19-395M-24, and that means: The Hardy Boys and Chet 16.
Code 2 – DZ736-42, and that means: Frank and Joe. Those are my codes.

“The Hobbit” is about a Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. And I watched “How to Train Your Dragon” today. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen.

I got to see “Kung-Fu Panda 2” at the drive-in theater. The movie starts at dark so we had to wait a while because we went really early, like 5:30. We got there at 6:30. It was kinda boring cause we had to wait a while. Ivan made a new friend, and I spilled the popcorn, while Aron played with Ivan’s new friend. And so, It started way past my bedtime. Like maybe around 9:00.

And I’m back comfortable with swimming. Since I go underwater now, I got to stay longer than my brothers at the pool the first day I got comfortable with swimming again. With Nia. Who’s going to be in school with Ivan next year.

I have a Star Wars notepad, that’s what I wrote my codes on. I have lots of other things in it. A kid at my school came in my room and wrote his name in it. His name is Eli. Ivan scribbled on the same page with a pen. The next two pages say, I watched 2 movies. I think I was watching Loony Toons. The next page in my pad has Hardy Boys books I have.

I’m hoping that Bradley can come to Kid’s Camp with me and I’m going to VBS, but he can’t come because it’s already filled.

(Dictated by Owen, typed by mom.)

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  1. Hey Owen, I really like your blog. I am interested in your codes. Like, does each number represent a certain letter? You won’t want to tell me what it is though, because a code needs to stay secret, right? Hey, I will get to see you in just a few weeks again and you can show me and grandaddy your favorite books and things. Have a fun summer!

  2. Grandma – The numbers do represent letters, but yes, I have to keep it a secret. I do like the Hardy Boys and The Hobbit.

    (Typed by mom, dictated by Owen.)

  3. Owen, I’m glad to hear you are reading “The Hobbit”! That is one of my favorite books! You’ll have to tell me how you like it after you finish.

    I’ll have to recommend some other good children’s books for you to read when you finish those. A couple that come to mind are “The Princess and the Goblin” and “The Princess and Curdie” by George MacDonald. They are classic children’s books like “The Hobbit” and the Hardy Boys series, except even older (more than 100 years old)!

  4. Hey Owen, I finally sat down and was able to read your blog. I love it. You are so creative and funny. You are very smart because you are reading so much-did you know that reading makes you smarter? Anyway, I will see you soon. Come visit some afternoon, or stand outside my window and sing. I love when you do that! :0) Just make sure you tell me so I can open my window and listen.
    Ms. Bobbie Jo

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