Poor Owen

He has been sorely neglected in regard to keeping his blog up to date. Thanksgiving pictures were last to be posted and surely I have more to say about my eldest boy. Yet…here we are in the throws of summer vacation and I have just now made the time sacrifice to update. I will simply post what is most recent and try to catch up with more in the days to come.

Owen had field day on the 18th of May. They had a medieval theme and the kids sported matching t-shirts as they went through aptly named obstacles and challenges. It was a cold day for students in their t-shirts and shorts, but oh the poor teachers who were sent to the dunking booth. I felt very, very sorry for them.

Here is a glimpse of some of the fun:

The events ended at noon and the little brothers and I stuck around to have lunch with Owen as he had requested. The school day was nearly over and naps were not going to be had anyway so I got permission to take Owen with us a couple hours early. This opportunity provided us time to visit the zoo on a very cool afternoon and we had a blast. We didn’t get very far into the exhibits though before we went home because of Aron. He continuously tripped and fell. We didn’t bring the stroller with us or we would have rolled him around and saw more animals, but after 6 scraped knee incidents I was done.

So…I have posted…but I am not finished…I intend to do better.