Good Stuff

I have a few pictures I wanted to post from Owen’s class Thanksgiving party.

He is reading more and more all the time. He loves to know things, so being able to better interpret things around him is a big deal to him. He sometimes wishes he could be home more because he feels that he misses out on what his brothers are doing, but he would never be satisfied to miss out on the fun at school for long either.

After missing one sight word on his very first spelling test he has scored perfectly on all the rest. It sort of irritated him I think, to make that first mistake and he now realizes the importance of being quizzed on those words a couple of mornings each week before the test.

At church he loves having Ivan in the same Sunday school area that he is in now that Ivan has graduated from the nursery. The three of us walk to Ivan’s room together after dropping Aron off at the nursery and they discuss what color tag they will each get so that they can sit in the same section during the children’s church service.

My favorite thing of late is that Owen is so interested in the Bible. He has asked me to wake him up early so that the two of us can sit down together in the mornings and read the Bible together. So far we have done this about three mornings each week. When we are up very late on a Wednesday night or for some other reason I let him sleep. But I have tried to be faithful to that desire and we usually go through about three verses, breaking them apart and finding the creamy center of God’s sweet message of love for all of us.