“They Love Him.”

On Friday I walked into Owen’s classroom with him so that I could have one more face to face reminder with his teacher that someone else would be picking him up. I carried his booster seat to his room for him and as we walked in he was immediately surrounded by his classmates and literally screams of “Owen! Hey, Owen’s here!” went up as he made his appearance. I had started to speak to his teacher but the bellows were an interruption and I looked at the small crowd and then back to his teacher with questions in my eyes. She smiled knowingly, and said softly, “They love him.”

I had no idea I was escorting the Kindergarten rock star to his room.

It made Kris and I laugh when I told him about it and I was relieved a bit. The first few weeks of school, Owen talked mainly about the kids who wouldn’t play with him and I began to wonder if he had been singled out as the weird kid or something. I know kids can be cruel and I didn’t want to have to deal with that sort of emotional crud that can happen to kids. My response to his hurts in those first few days was to let him know I hurt for him, but to assure him that letting those hurts fester would do him no good.

We talked about confidence, about whose love and attention are most important and how to portray himself around others. I don’t think he had to have a pep talk, I think he just needed to get to know people better. I knew things had gotten better for him, but I had no idea what a rise to stardom had occurred.

Kris said that now we’ll have to talk to him about the great responsibility that comes with great power.