Owen turned six on Tuesday. We took him out for breakfast before school and he limped his way into his class soon after. Yes, I did say limped. He jumped off of something up in the playroom the night before and landed on his foot in such a way that he must have damaged something. I am confident that nothing is broken but there is definitely a bit of trauma going on in there. Nothing swelled, nothing turned purple, or even pink…it just hurt. Honestly, it reminded me of when I tore the ligaments in my foot when I was young. There wasn’t a lot of physical evidence for anyone to look at and feel sorry for me, just a LOT of pain. However, I couldn’t put any weight on my foot for a week and he seemed to be much better in a few days so I haven’t taken him to the doctor. I need to schedule his annual check-up and will definitely mention it then.

He had a nice birthday. Grandpa was there in the morning and went to breakfast with us. I took a bunch of chocolate, chocolate chip cookies in for his class. His Grandma and Mema showed up that evening and he had chili for dinner. We waited until Thursday to have his party because a) We rented the church playground and Thursdays are better for that in terms of fewer other things going on in the building and b) Grandma and Mema could be there. Unfortunately Grandpa couldn’t be there, but they got to spend some fun time together before hand. I’m still hoping he’ll come back to Nashville after his trip to Oklahoma. He said it depends on how homesick he is. 🙂

Thursday finally came and almost everything was ready. I forgot two main ingredients to a good birthday party. 1) the camera and 2) candles. Pretty crazy huh? All I can say is…I had a lot on my mind. I did have my little camera with me and Kris’ mom took a few with her camera.

He wanted a Lego party and I just knew that I could make him a cake that looks like a Lego block. The closer we got to party time though, the more intimidating it all became. I finally decided on putting Lego blocks on top of a simple cake and it worked just fine. He loved it. I had a slew of ideas for a Lego themed party that could have been really fun. All of them required some time and money though and he wanted a lot of people. I gave him the choice of cool games or a big crowd and he went with crowd as I expected. He loves people around him. So we took some of the large Lego blocks we have and after pizza and cake Kris went and hid six green Legos in the playground for the kids to find and win prizes. I picked up some toys and such in the $1 section at Target and they enjoyed it. That was pretty much all we had time for anyway.

There were around 40 people there and the playground was a big hit with his friends who had never been there before. We had a lot of help with everything and I’m so thankful for family and friends and neighbors who are ready to roll their sleeves up and be a part of things.

I don’t see a lot of difference in Owen so far in the transition to age six, but I did overhear something this morning that made me smirk a bit.

“That was when I was five Ivan…I’m six now and I don’t like that anymore.”