Why I Don’t Need Mommy

Owen…is such a wonderful thinker. The other day in the van he said something about his cousin Hope preferring to ride with her family in their van instead of ride with him in our van. I said that sometimes little girls just want to be with their mommies. He said that little boys do too sometimes. I thought that was sweet but said, “yeah, but you wouldn’t want to be with me all the time, right?”

Ivan made me laugh when he piped up. “I don’t want to be with you all the time.”

Owen thought it was mean but I encouraged it. I explained that it’s good to be independent and learn to take care of themselves because I won’t be around forever and when they become adults they will have to take care of themselves. We talked about that for a while but after a bit of silence Owen added one more thing to the conversation.

“Mommy, I know why else we don’t need to be with you all the time.”

I asked him why and he replied, “God.”

I smiled. If there is one thing I want my kids to know it’s that God is ALL they need. His love is greater than my love, His resources deeper, His knowledge more profound, His truth more dependable and even His presence more tangible.

Owen has heard me say before and he understands, even at not quite six, that he needs God more than he needs me. It may not be a daily, applicable truth for him yet, but when He needs that truth to stand up and take on his questions, fears and sorrows it will be ready in him.