Last Day

Today is the last day of Pre-School.


August 2008

I took some pictures to show some of the change in him and I think the biggest indication of change is when you look at the shorts he is wearing in today’s picture and realize they are the same shorts from the picture in August. His legs have definitely grown.

The little brothers are certainly bigger too.

Owen really enjoyed school. He had a few issues that we have tried to address and take care of. I really think that as he matures, he will desire to change those things himself. He has learned so much. I can honestly say that he knows how to read. He doesn’t pick up anything and read it, but he knows how to do it and he will soon be buried in books I am sure. I expect that this summer will be a lot of fun with trips to the library and trips out of town as well. We will be sure to see a lot of changes in the next couple months and Kindergarten will be an exciting adventure as August approaches.

He is getting more and more brave in almost everything. The way he plays, the things he says, the concepts he grasps are broadening and more daring. I like to see him grow in his independence. And I love that he still likes to sit in my lap now and then.

We gave this address to his school friends and his teacher so I am going to try to keep our summer updated here. I’m also hoping that as the days progress I can dictate some of Owen’s thoughts onto this blog. I believe that we will soon see a transition on this blog from my observations to Owen’s own rendition of what’s going on.