If My 5 Year Old Gets It…

On Tuesday (Election Day) Owen was curious as to what all the fuss was about. I explained that we were electing a new president for our country and he wanted to know who it would be. I explained who was running and decided to ask him who he thought it should be based on the issue I felt most people were really basing their votes on.

The economy is something I don’t feel I have all the answers to, save a few basics we’ve strayed from, but I know I don’t like the idea of redistribution of wealth and the idea that we are entitled to certain privileges and standards. I am a very blessed individual, I admit I have far more than I need, but I will not cower to anyone who says I do not have the right to do with it what I want. Even when I had little to nothing I voted the same way I did on Tuesday and if I lost everything I reserve the right to gain it back in the way I see fit.

So I posed the beliefs of the two candidates to Owen as unspun as I could. Carefully laying out Obama’s ideals for sharing what we have by allowing the government to give to poor people some of the excess of the rich. I told him that Obama believes that everyone should have a nice house and a car and food on the table. So he would like to have all the people who have more than enough give it to the government to share with the people who don’t have enough.

I then explained that McCain thinks that everyone should work hard for what they have, and if people want a nice house and a car and food on the table they should go out and work for it.

Before I could finish he quickly jumped in and said he wanted to vote for McCain. I asked him why and he said because we should work for our stuff.

I then challenged him by bringing up his cousin Grace. I mentioned that there are people who can’t work. That there are people like Grace who’s arms and legs won’t let them get a job and earn their house. I asked him who should take care of her. He of course told me that her mom and dad should take care of her. I explained that Grace would be an adult some day and her mom and dad would get too old to help her…who should take care of her then? He said that her cousins should do it…and after thinking a moment questioned whether she had any other cousins. I had to laugh. He wants to help but knows enough that he doesn’t want the full responsibility.

My favorite thing he said though was when he boiled it all down to faith. In talking about Grace he said “but mom, when Grace is an adult she won’t need us to take care of her. She won’t be in a wheelchair anymore by then.”

See…even good cousins and moms and dads aren’t the answer. It isn’t just good people left to do the good. It’s the author of good, the God who made us, who won’t allow the lilies of the field to go under dressed or the sparrow to fall unseen. God is our source, and He will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:19). If we don’t have faith in that kind of God…it is hard to look at a failing economy and not cling to the words of a charismatic man with promises of a chicken in every pot. We need to do so much more than vote…we need to promote the truth. If we can bring change in the hearts of people, then change in the economy and everything else will follow.

My 5 year old gets it.