First Day!

Owen started school today. It is preschool and it’s half days but it is the beginning of the seemingly endless years of education. He was very excited to go this morning and was ready and out the door in no time.

I asked him what he learned and he said he didn’t learn anything. He really didn’t have much to say at all. They were only in class until 10:00 this morning as a part of their phase in process. I’m sure there will be much more to tell as the week progresses.

I’m looking forward to all the new things he’ll be doing and bringing home. I can see already that the structure of a classroom is something he feels at home in. He loves order…even if he’s not good at it himself…he loves to be a part of it.

We didn’t take pictures until we were already at the school and these are the only two I got. Ivan was excited about Owen going to school but not excited about leaving him there. He was very tired and as you can see in the following picture…he started pouting and whimpering when he realized he would not be staying with him. He just laid down on the floor in protest. No crying, just a pouty lip and a newfound closeness to the carpet. He was actually a little down the rest of the time Owen was gone. He seemed very frustrated to be without his big brother. He’ll get used to it, as will I.