I Love Aunt Jan

Owen picked up a pile of stuff I have yet to file away, some of which was from his birthday last October. He recognized one of the envelopes as being the birthday card from Aunt Jan. Jan is Kris’ aunt, for those who aren’t familiar with her, and is very good about sending cards for birthdays and other holidays and events.

As I was saying…Owen only saw a portion of the outside of the envelope and quickly announced that it was his card from Aunt Jan. Then followed that up with

“I love aunt Jan.” I didn’t respond much, mostly just waiting to hear what he might say next.

“Do you know why I love aunt Jan?”

“Why?” I cooperated.

“Because she always sends me cards.”

Wow. I was impressed. If you ever wonder if a hand written note or a simple card with a little picture or poem, in this case stickers and pictures of animals cut out of magazines, is worth the effort, just remember this post. If a four year old boy who asks for “things” non-stop appreciates it, you know there’s value in the time it takes to put a stamp on it and walk it to the mailbox.

Self Portraits

Owen has been taking pictures of himself. As you can see, he’s having a very good time of it. The camera we got him for Christmas seems to be a good purchase. He will go long stints without using it, but always comes back to it and enjoys his work. He takes a lot of pictures of things that aren’t really enjoyable to look at. A toy on the floor, the window, the leg of a chair the sort of things that you just can’t really call art, but if he can tell what it is he considers it a success. So we don’t delete those. In his words…”Keep it, I love it!”

Owen’s Prayer

Owen is always quick to volunteer to pray. Unless he’s miffed about something or nervous about who’s listening. Otherwise…always.

At dinner time he prays his own prayer but it is always the same thing. I thought I would write it down as I would hate to lose it in all the things I’ve tried to commit to memory. These things seem to get lost as the boys do new things that outshine the old. Then…later…I wish I had made more of the old and made some attempt to preserve them.

So…without further blathering, here is Owen’s dinner time prayer:

Dear God,
Thank you for the food and all the fun time and everything that’s right.
In Jesus name, Amen.