Swimming Underwater

We all went to aunt Becky’s house on Friday night and took a refreshing dip in their backyard pool. It’s a small semi-permanent pool for the kids mainly. Owen can easily stand up and get around in it without swimming but he is intrigued by the idea of swimming and sometimes even insists that he can.

Kris encouraged him to go underwater but he was quite afraid of the idea until we found a pair of goggles on the bottom of the pool. Once he put them on he was strangely excited about looking around under the water and the thought of a little water in his nose and ears wasn’t nearly as frightening.

Over and over again he dunked his little face in the drink and over and over again he came up sputtering, coughing, and his goggles full of water. It did not matter. He was enjoying himself.

On Sunday we met someone new while we were out running errands and as he got comfortable he began to tell her how he had learned to swim underwater. Granted, actual floating and swimming under or above the surface are yet to be conquered…fear however, is already checked off.

Home Improvement

Kris insists that I’m ruining our children by allowing them to watch home improvement and decorating shows with me. What can I say…they like to watch what I’m watching. The only thing that worries me is when the two home-owners aren’t exactly husband and wife. Owen has already picked up on this and announced…”they shouldn’t live together if they aren’t married.” I went ahead and changed the channel at that point. The “alternative” lifestyle is pretty popular on these shows also and will also result in a change in channel.

Kris may have a point as Owen has become quite adept at recognizing decorating terms and using them later. For instance, the other day we walked into a room and Owen said, “Mommy, I really like the color in here, it really opens up the space.” I’m not kidding.

There is one show in particular that I don’t record regularly, we just catch it now and then. It’s called “Carter Can” and after watching just a couple of episodes he is hooked on the idea of Carter Can coming to our house. He has mentioned numerous improvements he would like to see made around the house and usually follows his idea with, “Maybe we can do that when Carter Can comes.”

Here are a few of his ideas:
1. Divide the top drawer of his dresser into two separate shallow drawers one on top of the other. This way, he can hide his wallet in one drawer and put his clothes in the other.

2. Close off the living room and kitchen from one another with a big folding door. This way, we can keep the rooms separate but still get to each other if we want to.

3. Make the kitchen table bigger and get more chairs. This way, when daddy is home he doesn’t use the chair from mommy’s desk and computer. This is all with the goal of being able to sit at the desk whenever possible to play solitaire.

I am considering writing the show to let them know of the four year old fan in Nashville who thinks Carter Can can do anything.