We have yet to buy a bike for Owen to learn to ride. I’m itching to get him one but it’s not been a practical purchase as of yet. We don’t have a place to ride at home. The busy road and sloped driveway just aren’t safe for a little guy. We do all want to go on a ride again and soon we’ll be able to get him something with training wheels so he can ride along while I walk on the greenway.

We have had our eyes on something else for him that will make it possible for us all to go as a family. On Monday night the boys and I met Kris at the Bike Peddler after work. We picked out and purchased a tandem bike attachment and a helmet for Owen. We ran a couple more errands and then got home and ate in just enough time for them to go on a quick ride. Owen. Loved. It!!! He’s been begging to go again but it didn’t work out last night, we have church tonight and tomorrow night Kris has a meeting. Possibly on Friday we’ll all be able to go on a little ride. We have the trailer for Ivan and Aron so that we can all go together. I’m sure that Kris and I will feel every inch we ride as we are a bit out of practice.