Owen is becoming more and more the leader everywhere he goes. His confidence is almost annoying. Most of the time it’s not a problem. I had one mother tell me that her daughter was crying a couple weeks ago when Owen missed church because we were out of town. Apparently she missed Owen. He jumps right in as soon as he sees his friends and starts telling them what we will do next. When he meets up with a similar or stronger personality he doesn’t have too much trouble being the follower as well.

Today I took the boys for a walk and we found inchworms around the trees by our little shaded bench. Owen was heartbroken when I told him that we would not be inviting the little worm into our house. He had carried it halfway back with him and accidentally dropped it into the grass. I explained that we would find some information on the internet about inchworms because it’s not nice to take even little caterpillars home and try to take care of them without knowing what they like to eat. I didn’t realize they were such pests until I looked them up. It was fun to watch the boys enjoy them outside though.

We also fed the two ducks and lone Canada Goose with a bit of left-over bread. Owen threw in an entire hot dog bun and came running to me for more. I gave Ivan bits of bread to throw and then cracked up laughing when he stuck them into his own mouth. Note to self: make sure bread for ducks is not moldy and is good enough for Ivan to ingest.

So…while looking up inchworms I found this site and thought I’d share. It’s interesting that I’ve never heard of these before and that no one has ever tried this successfully before.