Owen bought a new toy on Thursday. He and I had cleaned out his piggy bank and rolled the coins. The total was still a bit shy of the nearly $45.00 needed to purchase the toy so we agreed that he should pick out some toys from his playroom that he would sell in order to earn enough to buy the toy. LaDonna’s consignment sale proved a good venue for selling his toys. When we visited her sight early in the week of the sale all of his toys were gone except for one. So when we got the check I added up the prices we knew he had gotten for his toys and gave him $20.00 of it. When we got to the store on Thursday, he not only had enough money, the toy was actually on sale for more than $10.00 less than the original price. So he also purchased another toy. I don’t know if I was able to communicate the advantage waiting had given us in this scenario but hopefully it was memorable enough that I can use it as an example in the future.

Where’s My Attention?

Owen is learning by the minute. He loves to play games and has learned to play Uno (I believe from playing with his cousins initially). He asks to play periodically (every day) and I enjoy sitting down with him for a few hands. He understands the game and even wins occasionally. Last night Kris and I both played with him and I felt like we had crossed into the realm of family game time. It was sort of cool. He still has a little trouble holding his cards in his small hands and will ask us to fan them out for him now and then. He also doesn’t yet see the need to hide his cards from us. He will even tell us when he only has one card left what color it is. I try not to take advantage but how else will he learn.

I also need to throw in here a comment he made this morning. He and Ivan were in the bathroom with me while I combed my hair. Ivan was irritating Owen by hitting him very lightly with his fist. Now, he does this when he wants to tell you something. It’s not really hitting as much as it is tapping. It’s confusing because he makes a fist to do it. I think he equates it with knocking. Anyway…Owen immediately whined that Ivan was hitting him and I told Ivan to stop, but then explained to Owen that he isn’t hitting…”he’s just trying to get your attention.”

To which Owen replied, “I don’t have an attention.”