98, 99, 100!

Owen has been counting well for some time but Monday after playing with Hayden next door has reached a new level of excitement in numbers. “I can count to 100!”

Apparently Hayden taught him to do it and I was pretty impressed. He always got stuck at the end of each series. What’s after 29? What’s after 39? and so on. I don’t know what Hayden said that clicked, but it’s pretty neat to me that these two four year olds were counting to 100 during their playtime.

Constant Comment

Owen seems to say something mentionable hourly so when I write something it’s because I happen to be close enough to the computer to get it. I can’t remember everything he says unfortunately. Just now it was this:

Owen: I’m going to pray…God is great…God is good…

Me: (facing the computer reading an e-mail)

Owen: Mommy, you didn’t close your eyes when I was praying. You’re supposed to close your eyes.

Me: Sorry…I thought you were just praying for yours and I would pray for mine later.

Owen: Well, I was praying for yours too. I wanted you to close your eyes.

Me: Well, I didn’t realize that. I’ll try to remember next time.

Owen: It’s OK Mr. ‘I know it now.’

I told him that this was not respectful and I didn’t want him to talk that way, yet I’m laughing with tears in my eyes.

Heard At Home

Owen: “I’ll get a chocolate Pocky for me and strawberry for Ivan.”

Me: “But what if Ivan wants chocolate?”

Owen: Exasperated silence

Me: “Ivan, do you want chocolate Pocky or strawberry?”

Ivan: “Cochlate”

Me: “Get Ivan a chocolate Pocky.”

Owen: “But I want to make his decision today!”

He so thinks he’s the parent some days…what am I saying? He thinks he’s the parent everyday. I didn’t know I’d have to compete for my ranking in this job but I do.

The following was after the Pocky was devoured.

Owen: “what is that brown cookie stuff?”

Me: “do you mean chocolate chips?”

Owen: “No, I said that brown cookie stuff?”

Me: “I know what you said, I’m trying to understand what you mean.”

Owen: “That brown cookie stuff.”

Me: “Yes, do you mean the cookie dough that surrounds the chocolate chips.”

Owen: (smiling) “Yes, the cookie dough. Can I have that next?”

Me: “Of course not.”

Kinda Delicious

This is the way Owen has been requesting his sandwiches be cut lately but this is not his usual sandwich. The heart cut sandwich came about late last year and he explained to me that it means that he loves me and that I love him. I totally agree. The earth shattering part of this is that until yesterday he loved peanut butter and jelly, I mean he could live on it, eating it every meal. Yesterday, he requested scrambled eggs for lunch and said he doesn’t like peanut butter and jelly anymore. He said it again today and I offered him turkey (which he has never liked before) and he took me up on it. I asked him how it was and he responded…”Kinda delicious.”


The other day Kris and Owen were talking in the play room and Owen asked if he knew how God made man. Kris asked Owen to tell him so he said, “out of dirt!” and then asked. “Do you know how he made Woman?” Again Kris prompted him to give his version of the story and he said, “women are made out of ribbons.”

Kris corrected him and explained what ribs are.

Ribbons…I don’t care who ya are….that’s funny.


This one of Dean (above with the martial arts moves going on) is by far my favorite. I’m guessing that Grant took it but can’t be sure.

Okay and then there’s this one of Lael. You can see her taking the picture in the reflection on the car (above)

I like this one of Owen. It makes me laugh.


On Saturday we joined the Buttons and Fadelys on a photo walk through downtown Franklin. There was a good group of photographers there and we all enjoyed the nice weather and great environment. Kris and I encouraged Owen to bring along his camera that we had purchased for him at Christmas. He was all for it and was ready to start shooting as soon as we got out of the van. As soon as the other children got a look at it they too were anxious to take pictures and I was concerned that he wouldn’t get to use it because his personality tends to be a bit more passive than those around him. Apparently that is changing. He did not hog the camera and he did not give it up, he became camera administrator directing the other kids and telling them how many pictures they could take before they had to give it to the next young photographer. I kept hearing him bark orders and the others seemed to have no problem with the arrangement. My only disappointment is that I don’t know which child took which picture…though I have a few guesses. There are a lot of pictures of Dean and several of Owen too…making me think that these two would rather perform in front of the camera than behind it. I’ll have to leave a few comments for the pictures themselves which I will attempt to post below.

these three are definitely Chloe shots.

Ah! This is halfway. I’ll have to finish another time. I think I could go mad doing this.