Owen had his first dental appointment this morning. He was excited about it and told me so on the way. I had tried to prepare him for whatever might happen but let him know that everyone in the office is very nice and they would know his name when he came in and would treat him very special. And they did.

He loved the attention of course and cooperated pretty well. They put a movie on the television screen for him and he enjoyed that but got a little caught up in it at times and didn’t notice that they were asking him to open his mouth wider or turn a certain way.

He looked small again to me in that great big chair. So often he seems to be so big against the backdrop of little brothers. The hygienist was miss Beth who has been “our girl” for some time and she was so patient and perfectly informative for Owen. He loves to be prepared for what’s going to happen and she showed him each instrument and what it would do, even allowing him to handle a few of them.

Owen really enjoyed it and his teeth and bite are in good shape.


Owen has taken up songwriting. He will strike up a tune in the back of the van on almost every outing. He usually intermingles gibberish in his lyrics along with real words and phrases, rhyming isn’t essential and the style is erratic. What seems to remain consistent is his subject matter. He has been composing a series of songs that contain the phrase “Jump Into the Trees.” He will sometimes change the phrase to “Jump into the House” but he always calls them his “Jump Into the Trees” songs. Yesterday I tried to type while he sang a couple of his compositions. I couldn’t keep up with all of the “words” but here is what I got:

Jump into the trees
Ja ja ja ja jump
Ja ja ja ja jump
Bum ba dum bad um
I love to sing
Zaliwink to jalawink
Chuck a chuck a ch ch
Ratza fa
Fella bada puh puh
Jump in to the tree
Jump in to the tree
Jump in to the house house house!

Jump Into the House
Zoolaranda hey hey hey
Vasarah puh
Yeah! Alagant puhuh
Pada gatrapa
Jonaloona baby
Spin around in all of the circles
Albaranazan, albaranazan
Jump in to the house
Jump in to the house!

I’m not sure where he gets his inspiration but these are definitely worth hanging onto.

He also dances. When and if I can ever put video on this blog I will post some of his incredible movements. Ivan got a little guitar for Christmas and Owen likes to play it and dance like a rock star. It’s pretty amazing.

Happy New Year!

We spent a nice evening at the home of some friends last night. The kids stayed awake into the morning with us as we watched the Times Square celebration. The two younger boys fell asleep on the way home but our big four year old managed to keep himself alert for the 45 minutes it took to get home. He did whine a lot once we got here but got himself into bed and fell asleep where sleep belongs. This morning Aron and Ivan both woke me up first but I didn’t have to get out of bed for long with either one of them. I fed Aron and he went back to sleep at 5:30 and Ivan just came into our room, got a pat on the head and then fell asleep again on the floor beside our bed.

When Owen got up he wanted breakfast. I tried to think of what he could get for himself and remembered we have some YoBaby yogurt so I suggested he get himself some. He thought that was a great idea. I have allowed him to get it out by himself before, but not when I wasn’t in the room so this was somewhat of a first. I could hear a lot of scuttling around as he got the yogurt out of the fridge, moved stuff off the table and found himself a spoon. I was about to drift back to sleep when I remembered a situation in the past of finding the fridge door wide open after he had been in the kitchen looking for something. So I called his name and he ran upstairs to find out what I wanted. I asked about the fridge and he said, “Oh, I forgot!” I’m glad I asked.

I heard a lot of running and until I got down here this morning I didn’t know what was causing all the commotion. He had pulled out yogurt for Ivan too, set it in his place and pulled out a baby spoon for him to use. Ivan doesn’t use baby spoons normally and hasn’t for a while but for whatever reason, when Owen gets him a spoon he always pulls out a baby spoon. I think he made a trip to the drawer and the fridge for each individual thing that he placed on the table. Not to mention the need to run into the living room several times to place my purse and other items that I had left on the table when we came in early this morning.

As I lay in bed during all of this I was peacefully drifting toward sleep once again when things got very quiet downstairs and Kris and I heard Owen start to pray for his breakfast, “God, thanks for my yogurt, and thanks for Ivan’s yogurt and for our blessings and thanks for keeping us safe and going to Josie’s house and all that stuff, in Jesus name, Amen.”

(Sigh) Hearing my son pray so sweetly is a good way to start the first day of 2008.