Owen likes Woems. Yes, I know…woems is not a word, but for whatever reason that is what he has remembered as the word for poems. Night before last we read a book of poems at bedtime and he fell in love with them.

The book is called “Tomorrow is a Brand New Day” by Debbie Boone and illustrated by her husband Gabriel Ferrer. I’ve had this book since my college days when my dear friend Allison purchased it along with some other children’s books to aid me in my adventures in babysitting. I was working in daycare and love to read to kids.

In my mind this particular book was cute but never really grabbed me. I’ve even read it to Owen before, but this particular time he got it. It was one of those things where he was taken in by the rhythm of the writing which is somewhat “Shel Silverstein” in it’s approach, and is familiar with the subjects presented. He laughs and smiles and eagerly awaits more. Last night when I asked what he wanted to read he pulled it down again and said, can we read woems again? I agreed and corrected him but this morning he had the book first thing and wanted to read woems before breakfast. I agreed to read them to him while he ate his breakfast. I corrected him again as well, so we’ll see if tonight at bedtime he wants to read woems or poems.


Owen picked up a hymnal that I had lying on the credenza the other day. He opened it and examined the musical notation a little then held it up to me open and asked, “Mommy, is this a notebook?”

I tried not to laugh because it’s a logical question. It’s a book with notes in it. Why wouldn’t it be a notebook. I told him it’s a hymnal and since he’s never heard of a hymnal, he still refers to it as a notebook. Oh well.