Owen has been doing a lot for himself. In the past few days he has really taken an interest in buttoning his shirts. Yesterday he worked and worked at a new shirt we picked up at the mall on Sunday, but the fabric wouldn’t give enough to allow his unpracticed fingers to get the job done. Today, he is wearing an older shirt and nearly burst the finished product with pride as he stuck his chest out to show me that he had fastened all four buttons all by himself. It’s amazing how such a seemingly small thing can change the way the whole household does things. The more Owen can do for himself, the more time it allows me to take care of other things.

Owen is also showing a very strong interest in reading. More and more his familiarity with letters and their sounds impresses me. I believe that that reading “aha!” moment will hit him before too long. I wonder how that will change the household.


Owen is still asking why on a consistent and at times frustrating basis. Tonight, on the way home from leadership dinner he was tired and the questions were flying more freely because he just jabbers to fight fatigue.

“Why is grandpa your dad?”

“Because God gave me to him to be his daughter.”

“And God gave him to me!”


“And when I go to grandpa’s house, I can go under the fence with the cows and they run away from me.”

He went on from there telling me how it would be possible to get caught under the fence and his imagination took off for a while. I just liked his turn of logic in deciding that he wasn’t given to grandpa, grandpa was given to him. It’s probably true.

Well…David Did It.

After witnessing Owen throw a little stone toward the neighbor’s house (keep in mind his arm is not one to cause damage at this point) I felt it necessary to curb the behavior and called him to our back deck for a little chat.

Me: Did you just throw a stone at their house?

Owen: Yes, ma’am.

Me: Don’t ever throw stones at houses or people, it can be dangerous.

Owen: Okay…where should I throw them?

Me: You really shouldn’t throw them at all.

Owen: Well, David throwed some.

Me: David had a giant to kill. You don’t have any giants to kill so you don’t need to throw stones.

Owen: Okay.

Hurts and Documentation

Saturday morning we went out to run some errands. Our plan eventually led us to Providence Marketplace in Mt. Juliet to look for some shoes for Kris. Our late decision landed us in the area precisely at lunch time. Owen requested Wendy’s (somehow preferring this to Chick-fil-A which was right across the street) so we headed that way and in his eagerness to get inside he rammed his exposed big toe (he should have heeded my incessant questioning of his Wendy’s preference) with the entrance door to the restaurant. It bled and hurt and he cried and it was awful. I did remember finally that I had band-aids in the van but the mention of that made him howl louder. He has, until this incident, hated band-aids. We were able to convince him that he is much better off covering over the wound so that when walking around later he doesn’t get it dirty or bump it into other things. He finally agreed, or at least realized it was hopeless to continue wailing, and before lunch was over, spoke proudly of his Scooby Doo band-aid. The next day he was upset at the idea of taking it off, but evidently lost it in a sock while playing at the playground at church. I hope they realized it before they threw those socks in the wash. Ew.

So, I guess our errand running wasn’t completely unsuccessful. Though we didn’t find shoes, or complete most of the other things we set out to do yesterday morning, we did see Owen transform into a kid who enjoys a good band-aid.

Owen has been quite the photographer lately. He has often been caught with my new cell phone snapping pictures of things with great delight. Ivan too has enjoyed sneaking off with this wonderfully fun cell phone toy and both have been asked nicely to leave it alone. I have a hard time enforcing this as I am both entertained by their entertainment as well as completely unaware at times that they have taken off with the thing.

On Saturday we decided to talk to Grandma and Granddaddy on the computer for a little while and while talking Owen grabbed the phone and snapped a couple of pictures of the screen. Actually, he took a couple pictures of the keyboard and half of the monitor until I helped him to get a better shot. He did take these, I just had to make him wait patiently to get the full picture in his camera before snapping.