Owen enjoys several of the Shel Silverstein books we’ve purchased and received as gifts. One of those books, The Missing Piece Meets The Big O, he asks me to read to him frequently. To give a little background the story is about the Missing Piece who is pie shaped and cannot roll looking for someone who is missing a piece, to fit with him and allow him to roll. In his search, he meets up with the Big O who is fascinating to him and yet he isn’t missing any pieces and therefore has no need for the missing piece. I highly recommend this book as it is very simple and yet full of wisdom regarding relationships. That’s not the point of this story though. The point is…this morning while playing with Ivan in the living room they both began heading for the large silver bouncy ball that usually stays outside or in the garage. Owen, noticing Ivan’s direction, quickly picked up the pace and said, “No, it’s the big O. Don’t get it!” Then he began rolling it around the room quoting the book and explaining to Ivan that he isn’t missing any pieces but he can roll with him if he would like. It was just cute to see his translation of the book to a real object.

Another Owen Quote

Owen, who cannot be talked out of his conviction that the new baby is a girl, has had many questions and much interest toward the upcoming birth. This morning around 6:45 he crawled into bed with us. He often does this, which allows me to keep my eyes closed just a little longer and allows him to snuggle a bit before Ivan wakes up and pulls me from the bed. Usually he just climbs up beside me on the edge of the bed, but this morning he decided he wanted to be between us and found himself a spot under the covers and up against my back. He reached over, patted my belly and said,

“Is that sister big yet?”