Big Brother Again

Owen has been a pretty good big brother thus far and we are excited to give him opportunity to further his skills. When asked if he would like a brother or sister his immediate reply is “sister”. He already has a brother after all and so many of his friends have sisters, he wants to try it out.

Today I was re-explaining to him that I don’t feel very good because there is a baby growing inside me. He immediately remembered the same conversation from the day before and said…”Did you tell me that last night, at Walgreen’s?”

It wasn’t last night, it was yesterday morning, but it was in the Walgreen’s parking lot. Any past event happened “last night” in his vocabulary.

I’m hoping to take in lots of quotes as his concept of a new baby unfolds and he can express his thoughts on the subject. I’m glad he’s warmed up to the idea lately because just a few months ago when asked if he wanted another baby in the family he gave me a decided “No.” He is very aware of the time and energy Ivan takes up and didn’t want any more interruptions in his life. However, each day his independence grows and he’s more inclined to help with Ivan than to struggle with him. I know that will probably change again as Ivan grows and the struggle becomes more of the relationship but for now it is nice to see him take that “big brother” position.

Fun Conversations

Me: Owen, what did you do with your socks?

Owen: I put them right there (pointing to a chair where he had hung them to dry)

Me: Okay

Owen: They were wet. But I can just wear my feet. Cause God made me.

Me: Yes.

Owen: And Jesus made me.

Me: Yep.

Owen: Jesus helped God made me. It’s so great!


(Just before going outside to play with the neighbor boys)

Owen: Do you think Hayden likes me?

Me: Yes, I do.

Owen: I do too. Do you think Jackson likes me?

Me: Yes.

Owen: I do too…he squeeze me a lot.

It’s My Whole Life

Owen looking through the aquarium

The other night after being sent to bed, Owen was explaining how important something was to him and said to me, “It’s my whole life.” He was so serious and his inflections are very dramatic. Of course I held my breath and stifled my laugh until I got out of his room.

He is continuing to learn and understand more all of the time and his vocabulary is growing each day it seems. He still insists on certain things like asking me to unbutton his shirt when he is putting it on.

He is doing better when it comes to saying please and washing his hands after going to the rest room, although the other day I realized that in his mind picking up the dry bar soap and putting it back down was sufficient. This was discouraged mind you, and he is improving.

On Saturday we put one of Kris’ aquariums back into commission and Owen loves it. We decided to start with the 20 gallon tank and we bought a stand and put it in the kitchen. Every morning he asks to feed the fish and of course if the light is off he wants it on. He makes this request by saying “can you please make it purple?” The background on the tank is a violet blue which he insists is purple.

He is a very busy little guy and has way too much to say. He talks non-stop and most of that is in the form of question. I know that without questions it would be difficult to learn anything so I try to be patient, but at times I feel like I’m going to go insane. Kris and I realized that we often ask him questions that we already know the answer to, as most parents do, in order to find out what he knows about something. We think he has picked up on this and in turn asks us questions that are obvious, just to make conversation. He tries very hard to sound like an adult. When I give him instruction, explaining how to make something work, he says “ooooh, yeah, yeah, yeah.” He has no concept of what time really means but uses time references all the time. Anything that happened in the past was “last night” and anything that takes any amount of time is “for a long time.” If he thinks something will take a long time, he says “is it going to be for a while?” He also says “or something” after many of his questions. For instance…”are you going to make me lunch…or something?”

There is of course, more that I can’t think of but I will try to post as I remember or hear them. I need to figure out a way to put a recording of his voice saying these things on here. There must be a way.