I Wish I Had My Camera!

The other day the whole family was here in front of my computer talking to Grandma and Granddaddy on Skype. Owen ran off quickly and announced as he was opening the door to the bathroom that he had “to go”.

He was gone for quite a while but as we talked we sort of forgot about him. When he finally did appear again I quickly told him to go to his bathroom where his step stool is and wash his hands in there. Instead of bathroom though I said restroom. He turned toward me, and with every bit of seriousness responded with: “My bathroom isn’t a restroom, it’s just a bathroom.”

This was somewhat funny in itself, but what was hilarious to me was that he was wearing my glasses and walking off with them as if he wore them all the time and wasn’t even going to draw attention to the fact that he had them on. Of course they were a little big for him but I can’t tell you how cute I think he looks in glasses. His little blond/brown head with those serious brown eyes make spectacles look right at home. I do hope he never needs them but if he does…at least he looks good in them.

Almost Every Day

“Mommy, I want to watch Toy Story!”

“No, you don’t need to watch Toy Story.”

“Yes, I do want to, it’s my fravorite movie and I want to watch it.”

“Yes, I know it’s your favorite but you don’t need to watch it.”

“I like to watch good movies and it’s a good movie.”

“I’m glad you like to watch good movies…you don’t need to watch a movie right now.”


“Go play.”