Just Like Delicious

Owen has been saying so many fun things. The other day while eating something he enjoyed he made the above comment: “This is just like delicious.” He is figuring out a lot of things like which people are boys and which ones are girls. He still doesn’t get it right with everyone but he’s starting to notice the differences. He has taken note of traffic lights and loves to announce when they are green so that we can go. Yesterday and today when he sat down to eat I heard him say, “This is going to make me big and strong.” I honestly don’t know if I said that to him or not, but someone did and it stuck. He corrects us at times, if I miss-quote a line from Toy Story 2 he is sure to let me know how it should have been said. He is also very aware of what he should and should not do and will tell those who would tempt him of his parameters. Wednesday Grandma was in the back of the van with him and offered him a little snack but he quickly let her know that daddy said we can’t eat in the van followed with the explanation, “We have to leave it clean.” He will also pit the grown ups against one another if he can in order to get what he wants. This morning I told him not to do something and he countered with “Grandma said I need to…”

Tonight we will be making our first family trip to Chuck-E-Cheese. He has never been and I was hoping to avoid it as long as possible but that is where our friends suggested we meet and with four small boys between us it is probably a good idea. Let’s hope for a clean environment and happy children.

Floating at the Playground

Kris and I took the boys and headed out to vote on the last day of early voting. Wilson county, where we live, had two early voting locations. The closest of these was at the park where we had Owen’s birthday party and where there is a very nice large playground. When Owen asked what we were doing I told him we were going to vote. He interpreted this as boat and asked if we were going to the lake. He couldn’t and still can’t get the relationship of voting and water out of his head and again today asked if we were “floating at the playground.”