What is Chee?

I finally figured it out. Lately when I grab a block of cheese to slice it onto a sandwich Owen says “I want a chee.”

I know what he’s asking for, he wants a slice of cheese but why does he say it this way? Well, today it finally dawned on me that he thinks when we say cheese we are using the plural form of a word. Many slices of cheese to him are chees. He wants a singular form of these chees so of course he asks for “a chee.”

I love his brain.

Almost Three

Owen is just weeks away from his third birthday and I am so proud of his progress. He seems to understand so much and has learned so many new things.

Potty training has been the biggest milestone for us and he is doing well. He’s been pretty consistent and though he still has an occasional accident he is learning to be sorry for his accidents which is a deterrent on its own. He still needs lots of encouragement and gets distracted a lot, forgetting to go to the potty when he’s playing intently but most of the time he will either go on his own or tell me that he has to go.

Owen knows his alphabet and though he gets a little hung up on 14 and 15, can count to twenty-nineteen. What is twenty-nineteen you ask? Well, it’s right after twenty-eight…not sure why he adds the “teen” but he did. He really loves his puzzles and because of the map of the United States puzzle his grandparents gave him, he knows a lot of the states by shape.

Two has been an interesting age and I’m anticipating good things as we dive into age three.