Kids are always good for interesting conversation. Owen and I will frequently argue over which one of us is “you”. It goes something like this:

Owen: I’m me, and you’re you

Kris: You’re you, and I’m me

Owen: No, I’m not you, I’m me!

The other night, Owen and I were having dinner, and as I bit into my sandwich, I bit my lip. I evidently made some sort of face, because Owen asked me what was wrong:

Owen: Daddy, what did you do?

Kris: I bit my lip, and it hurts.

Owen: Oh. I’m sorry.

A few minutes later, I must have made another face or something…

Owen: Daddy, did you bite your lip again?

Kris: No.

Owen: Oh. I’m not sorry.


Owen insists on a few things. One is that he brushes his teeth with poothtaste. Another is that if he wants me to pick him up it is because he wants to hold me. He insists on Cheerios, not cereal for breakfast and when he is awake and I am still in bed, it is “up time”. When we leave church and the sun has set while he was inside, he informs us that the sun has gone to bed and the dark is up. When he eats his favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches he pulls the top from the bottom and then asks if he can break his sandwich. When we get in the car he usually tells me that he doesn’t need a buckle this time but I put his seat belt on him anyway. And when I insist that I will not respond to his whining and that if he wants to talk to me he needs to speak English, not Whinese, he pauses, looks at me intently and says, “I’m happy now.”

“I Did It!”

Owen and his United States puzzleOwen completed his Big Puzzle yesterday without assistance. When Kris’ parent last visited they brought him this and he plays with it almost every day. He usually asks for help but yesterday I had my hands in dishwater and I suspected that he could do it without help. I told him to try to do it without me and he balked, so with the ace in my pocket of knowing he wanted a cookie, I offered one as incentive. He took the bait and plunged in. Before I was done with the dishes he had completed the entire puzzle all by himself.

Can You Go Hide?

Owen squealed and giggled from the play room and yelled to me…”Did you see that?”

“What did you do?” I queried.

“I rolled onto the couch…like this,” and he proceeded to climb from behind the couch onto the back of it and roll down onto the seat where he landed with delight and expectations of my approval.

I knew it was really fun for him and I knew it wasn’t really hurting anything of any value but I had to dash his fun by telling him it wasn’t nice to do that to the couch. I prefaced it with, “that’s really cool!” but I had to help him understand that we treat furniture a certain way so that if he comes to any of your homes he won’t do that to your couch.

He gave me his puppy dog eyes and seemed to understand but as I turned to go back to my task he got an idea.

“Can you go hide, so that I can do it again?”

A Star is Born

Owen had his first public singing engagement last night. Becky, Chele’ and I were asked to perform (skits and songs) for the Keenagers (senior adults) Banquet last night at the church. We decided in one of our practices to include all the children so Grace, Landis, Mali, Hope and Owen all stood at the front and sang “Jesus Loves Me” while Bobby played guitar. Owen loved it. He and Hope shared a microphone and they were both so intent on making sure they had the microphone held right that they were completely turned from the audience. They were smiling and looking at each other very excitedly. They sang right out and had no fear. I’m afraid that Owen was a little off key, but his heart was right on.