First Bouquet

First FlowerOwen brought me a flower for the first time today. I had to laugh because he brought one in and told me that he had a flower and I immediately thought that he had brought it to me. However, he quickly informed me that it was his and he didn’t know if there were any for me or not. He went back out and found me one though. Isn’t that nice of him? They aren’t exactly “pretty” in terms of petals and bright color, but if he says they are flowers, I think they are beautiful.

Potty Training Again

This morning Owen made major progress on potty training. He peed in the potty 4 times. After several hours he had a couple of accidents and we went back to the diaper. He seemed to just lose his ability to concentrate on it so we took a break. After his nap this afternoon he wanted to try again but no successful potty trips were had.

We will make another attempt tomorrow and see how it goes. I made him a little chart with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger on it and he can put stickers on it when he goes. I’m also offering him a skittle each time he successfully pees in the potty.


I have been working with Owen to teach him the alphabet almost every day for the past three weeks or more. We sit down with his Leap Frog letters or the magnetic letters that Tim & Kristy got him for Christmas and I ask him to identify each letter of the alphabet. When he doesn’t know a letter, I will write it on his Doodle Pro and he will find a match. Tonight when we went through his letters he identified all but 6 of the letters correctly. I had to draw F,G,K,P,S & T on the Doodle Pro for him. So…I guess we’ll work extra hard on those, but I was really pleased. And honestly…he has identified F and G voluntarily in the past so I’m sure he will have all of them down soon. He is beginning to point out letters when we are in stores or driving around. “Look mom, there’s an A!” I think it’s very exciting.

feeding doggyUnrelated story:
I was washing dishes downstairs and heard Owen calling me.

“Mommy, look, I’m feeding the doggy.”

I didn’t pay much attention, but then he said he was giving the doggy a bottle. This intrigued me so I went to the bottom of the stairs and asked him to show me. He had taken the handle off of one of his play screw drivers and was holding it to the dog’s mouth like a bottle. It was pretty cute in my opinion. Worthy of running upstairs to grab the camera and snap a picture.