Back in October, Owen hurt his foot going down the large twisty-tube-slide at the zoo. It was so bad that he wouldn’t walk or put any weight on it for a couple of days, and we even had it x-rayed to check for broken bones (thankfully, there were none). Ever since then, he’s avoided any enclosed slide like that. I think the fact that it was dark in there and he couldn’t see when his foot was hurt made it that much more scary to try again.

This past Monday night, it was very nice out, so we went over to the park in Mt. Juliet to eat dinner outside and let Owen play. I tried to get him to go down the slide, but he didn’t want any part of it. He would go down the open ones, but not the tube slide. Finally, I talked him into going down on my lap. He was aprehensive, but once we got to the bottom, he said “that was fun!” and he wanted to do it again. After a couple of times, I asked if he wanted to go by himself, and he did. From then on, that was all he wanted to do.

I was so glad he got over that, because Mary got the idea to rent the indoor playground at our church this past Saturday and have a bunch of our friends bring their kids and let the dads play with their children for Father’s Day. The playground has two great big twisty-tube-slides and I wanted Owen to go down them with all the other kids without me having to talk him into it.

Sure enough, as soon as we got there, he climbed up to the top of the 5-level playground and slid down the slide. Mary heard him get out at the bottom and say “hey, that was fun!”. He looked so cute doing it, too. He had a great time at the playground, and as usual, he didn’t want to leave when it was time to go.


I’m trying to keep this blog updated with Owen’s mispronounced words. One of the best ones lately is his pronunciation of controller. He has a train set with a remote control and when he wants the controller he says “chocacholler” I’m not sure where he gets this but he insists that is the way to say it.

I made a little puppy face pajama pillow (a pocket with a zipper back that opens to stuff your pajamas in for the next night…once the pajamas are in, it looks like a pillow to throw on your bed). He kept calling it a “pat-pack” and I couldn’t figure out why. Finally I watched him after he had his pajamas out of it and was getting ready to lay down. He took the ears of the puppy and held them like straps, flinging the face of the puppy to his back. Making the whole thing look like a back-pack. This inspired a new puppy face design, this time with straps that connect to make a back-pack. He’s very happy with his new “Puppy Pat Pack”.

The other night we decided to eat dinner at a park with a nice big playground. Owen was having a great time and as he was climbing around I heard him yell for my attention. “Mommy, look, I’m in the rocking ship!” He was up inside a tower that was painted and shaped to look like a rocket. Kris and I both corrected his mistake explaining that it was a rocket not rocking. Then a few days later he and I were in the living room reading our Bibles (that’s another story) and he decided he wanted to sit in the rocking chair. He said…”I’m going to go sit in the rocket chair.” Oh, well.

We are planning to go visit family up in Michigan and have talked about it to Owen. Grandpa lives in Michigan and we pointed it out on his new map and he has been extremely excited about this trip. This morning (7-6-06) he got up and was climbing out of his bed saying “I’m up, I’m up!” He started giggling as he got toward Ivan’s crib and when he looked in and saw that Ivan was also awake he squealed “Ivan’s up too, now we can go to Michen-agan!” He’s been calling it Michen-agan all day and though he says it right when I correct him, he can’t remember it when he brings it up himself. I just love it.

I know there’s more of these words and phrases so I’m probably going to just keep editing this post as I remember them.