Owen’s Mondegreens

Owen has his own version of the alphabet. He loves to sing it and if you happen to catch us at the grocery store or Home depot, or anywhere he can walk around and allow his mind to wander, you may hear him. He gets most of it right but there are three “B’s” in his alphabet one is after “A” as it should be the other two are located after “U” and after “Y”. There is usually no “M” in Owen’s version and my personal favorite is the letter “Jake” which falls between “I” and “K”.

Owen has also Mondegreened the old classic “Na-na-na-na boo boo” He has interpreted the phrase as “you got a boo boo, you can’t catch me.” Obviously this is what everyone is saying because if you have a boo boo, you can’t run as fast, now can you?

I’m sure there will be more of these to report.

To update on the hives, he is doing very well. When I saw the doctor on Monday, he said that it would take 5 to 7 days for them to clear up. They are now almost completely gone and he barely scratched them at all. You can still see pale spots but they are just pink places on his skin, not bumps really. I had made a tea for him from catnip, chamomile, and rosemary. These are supposed to be good for rashes. I sweetened it with a little honey and he loves it. He calls it his “special tea” and I do think it helped with the itch. No Benedryl needed.

Hives – Day 3

hives on his elbowhives on his facehives on his legsWell we have confirmed that it is not Chicken Pox. Tisra looked at the pictures on Sunday and called to let us know what she thought. I was pretty convinced at that point that they were chicken pox but was holding out for real blisters before pronouncing an absolute diagnosis. Her doubts got me questioning more and Kris and I looked up as many pictures as we could find. It was inconclusive. It’s too hard to tell without looking at the real thing. Especially when the different stage of chicken pox can look so different. However, yesterday morning he woke up with no blisters still and at that point I was almost convinced it wasn’t chicken pox. I called the doctor as planned and they said to just wait until Wednesday as it would be easier to diagnose if you wait a few days. I questioned them and told them a few details about the rash and they agreed that he should come in so they could have a look. Sherri (from next door) took one look at him and said…that’s hives…he’s allergic to something. I explained that we had just finished the Amoxicillin and she was convinced and pretty much had me convinced that he’s allergic to it. I googled “allergy to amoxicillin” and found an article that described the symptoms Owen had. I almost called the doctor again to say, I know what it is, no need to come in, but I felt better getting his word on it, so we went in as planned. I’m really glad we did. He did confirm it is an allergic reaction to the anti-biotic but he called it some very long name and explained some of it to me. He said if it bother’s him that I can give him benedryl. So far it hasn’t bothered him much at all. I am giving him an herbal histamine blend and I think that is probably helping. I am also giving him a probiotic to replace some of the good bacteria killed by the Amoxicillin. Dr. Witters checked his ears and pronounced them almost 100% better, so the Amoxicillin did it’s job and we are thankful for that. Owen’s hearing has been much better too. Sunday night Kris and I were in the kitchen quietly discussing having a little popcorn after the boys went to bed…Owen was coming down the stairs and making noise as he did, but as soon as he hit the kitchen floor he said…”I want some popcorn!”

I told Kris last night that when Dr. Witters saw Owen’s skin he got a look on his face that I thought looked sorry. I honestly think he felt a little bad that he had prescribed something that gave him that reaction. I tried to make sure he knew it was okay and I certainly don’t blame him. We couldn’t know he would react like that. All in all it makes me feel good that we have a doctor who is concerned with Owen’s well being, and feels a responsibility for him as his patient. Dr. Witters didn’t charge me for the visit and we won’t have to go back until Ivan’s 6 month check up next week.

Chicken Pox – Day 2

I left a message at the doctor’s office this morning. Owen has an appointment with his doctor on Wednesday morning but I’m hoping they’ll want to see him before that. I would like to get a diagnosis from the doctor and make sure it truly is chicken pox. I’ve been pretty confident of that but he still doesn’t have a fever and I am not seeing any blisters yet and I thought I would by this morning. So, it may just be a rash of some sort. Brought on by what? I don’t know. He took his last dose of Amoxicillin Saturday morning…does that have anything to do with it? He was playing in the little indoor playground at Chic-fil-a when we noticed the bumps…could something have been in the toys that caused him to react? I went in there with him to try to coax him to take advantage of the tunnels but I am fine. Friday we played outside, but just in the yard here and on the neighbor’s playground area…nothing unusual. Could a bug bite cause something like this? Never heard of a rash all over the body from one bug bite, but then there are a lot of things I’ve never heard of and that doesn’t mean they’re impossible. I’m certainly glad he doesn’t act sick, but I would like to know what this is for certain. In the mean time I am continuing the diet, knowing that it can’t hurt him to have a little detox now and then. He has not complained at all and instead has been enjoying all his yummy liquids. I’ve been using different cups and containers trying to make it fun. He’s also been filling up his diapers very quickly. Joy.

The doctor’s office just called as I was typing and they said to just wait until Wednesday because chicken pox are easier to diagnose if you wait a few days. I asked a few more questions of the nurse and she really didn’t have the answers but she said she would call back after she talked to the doctor again. I’m glad they aren’t freaking out, and I’m not freaking out and Owen certainly couldn’t care less, but the fact remains that he has a rash and until I know what it is we are stuck here in the house on a rainy Monday. Knowing…it’s such an easily taken for granted concept.

To be continued…

Chicken Pox – Day 1

chicken pox on Owen's face chicken pox on Owen's handsYesterday Kris and I had spent the day cleaning up and straightening for guests. We were done by late afternoon and by then it was time to start thinking about dinner. By the time dinner was done, Ivan needed to eat and then it was getting late but I had set my heart on getting out of the house at least for a little while so we went to Chic-fil-a for ice dreams and the playground.

Owen was much more interested in the playground than he was the ice cream so we soon unleashed him into the plastic playworld and though he refused to take advantage of the tunnels and slide, he loved being in there watching the other kids and playing with some of the activities on the ground level. After a while Kris caught a whiff of something and I volunteered to change the offensive diaper. When I pulled Owen up onto the changing table and lifted his shirt I noticed some red spots on his tummy. I looked further and there were matching spots on his arms and legs. Uh oh. I quickly finished my job cleaning him up and then tore back to the fun house to relay the good news. We tried not to make a big fuss but slowly we edged our spotted son out of the playground.

We put him to bed and started doing our research. From everything we read online it looked like the beginning of a case of Chicken pox. I was surprised I had not noticed the spots earlier, but then, I am not checking his skin every hour or anything. He seemed quite content too, no fever or anything to bother him. I prayed last night as I got both boys to sleep, that if indeed this were chicken pox, that it would be a light case, that it would heal quickly and that God would see him through this fire without scars or discomfort.

I checked on him this morning and his arms were more spotty, his face has some spots and the palm of his hands and the bottom of his feet were especially covered. He has some on his lips as well but I’m hoping that the inside of his mouth will stay free of them. He still has no fever and is as active and happy as ever. The only complaint he has made is that his feet itch. I put some lotion on and made him wear socks. I told him it was special lotion and he still didn’t want to wear it. However, once I rubbed some of the cool lotion on his hot feet, he giggled and wanted as much as I would put on him.

I’ve read up on this illness and there are a lot of remedies I could try…I have a book that lists all the ointments and treatments with herbs that I can do and it would cost me a fortune as well as keep me busy non stop applying compresses, giving baths, and making him take things he would dislike. However, there is a recommended diet that is reasonable and I will apply what I have at the moment to that. Kris is supposed to call when he leaves church and I’ll ask him to stop at the health food store for a few things and then one of us will have to run to the grocery store for some fruit juices, fresh fruits, vegetables and herbal tea. I am going to put Owen on a liquid diet for the first couple days to detoxify him and then a diet of only fresh fruits and veggies for the next three days. He’s going to try carrot juice for the first time and I hope he likes it. I may mix it with apple juice, as I think this is a bit more tasty. They also recommend a catnip tea enema…I don’t know if I can handle that.

More news later.

Tild Wurkey

On Friday evening Kris and the boys and I drove to Santa Fe, TN (that’s pronounced Santa Fee). This is where Kris’ first cousin once removed (in other words Kris’ dad’s first cousin) has purchased land and built a beautiful new home. Kris was asked to set them up with computers and internet access and within that request was the invitation for all of us to come and spend the night. Their house is a little over an hour drive for us and along the way is a lot of beautiful farm land. In one particular field I pointed out a very large wild turkey to Owen. Evidently I said it with a bit of southern twang in my voice because he repeated it back with an extreme country accent…”Wi-i-old Turkey” I laughed and he started chanting it over and over, then after repeating it about 10 times he started switching the first letters of the words. “Tild Wurkey!” I laughed at this of course and he enjoyed entertaining me so it was “Tild Wurkey” for the next several miles.

Hics up, Light ons and Ears Infection

Boo Hoo Boo BooOwen fell down several weeks ago now and scraped up his knee. It was not pretty and caused a lot of problems for everyone until it healed. Kris and I referred to it as a “booboo” a scrape, or even an ouchee on his knee but someone must have called it an “Owee” because I kept hearing Owen say “I have a weewee” and I didn’t know why he was saying it. Of course it sounds like he’s referring to something else and Kris and I had never called that something else a weewee so I was a little concerned and tried to figure out what he was talking about without drawing too much attention to the use of a word like weewee. Finally I realized he was referring to his knee and got a good laugh out of it, but every now and then he still refers to some pain, bump or bruise as a weewee to my chagrin.

Owen often gets mixed up when making a word plural. This morning he wanted to turn the lights on in the play room. I had turned the table lamp on but he insisted that “we need two lights”. He proceeded to find the light switch and continued explaining as he worked. “we need two light ons…we need two light ons.” He also says “Hics up” instead of Hiccoughs.

Keeping with this pattern I will announce that Owen has acquired his first ears infection. Yesterday we went to Dr. Witters because Owen hasn’t been hearing well. Ever since he had tonsillitis last month his tonsils have remained large but not inflamed or infected and his hearing has been weak. At first I was aggravated with him because he seemed to be ignoring me, but when I watched him do the same thing to Kris, I started questioning whether he really just wasn’t hearing us. Finally at lunch on a Sunday two weeks after getting back from Florida I sat near enough for Owen to hear me clearly but spoke slightly lower than normal and asked “Owen, do you want some ice cream?” He didn’t even flinch. Kris, sitting further away, heard me clear as a bell. I asked twice more with no response from Owen. There was a lot going on right then and soon after I decided to take the boys to Michigan so it wasn’t until Monday that I called the doctor. Owen never complained of any pain during that time except for Monday morning while we were at the grocery store. He began crying and grabbed his ear and said it hurt. When Dr. Witters looked at him yesterday he could tell right away there was an infection in the left ear and fluid in the right. Interestingly, we had taken Owen to see Dr. Witters on the 18th which was after the tonsillitis and before we really noticed the hearing problem. He had looked at Owen’s ears and noticed nothing. So this must have progressed since then and may not be related to the tonsillitis at all. I don’t know. Regardless, we are now giving Owen Amoxacillin and he loves it. I have always been leary of anti-biotics but at this stage in the game I feel like we should go this route and knock this thing out. I was telling Kris, I think I have been less pro-active with the boys health than I should be and I can think of things that I should have done differently leading up to this. It is certainly more difficult with two to watch out for and we have been very busy these last few weeks so I’m not being too hard on myself, I just want to take note and try to improve. I am more than confident that he will be just fine.