Progress Report

Owen is making progress everywhere I turn. His vocabulary is broad and his understanding is deepening. He’s aware of so much more than I would imagine him to be and has learned things I never tried to teach him.

Last night we were in the airport picking Kris up after his visit to Boston and as we sat down to wait Owen noticed the musical notes painted on the wall. He said “Look, it’s the music!” I was impressed. I don’t think I’ve ever shown him notes and told him what they were, he has either learned it in church nursery or just put two and two together from toys and things he has seen around the house. Maybe it was from Veggie Tales. I just don’t know.

He’s becoming more brave and toughening up a bit as well. Yesterday we went to the playground on Central Pike to run out some energy and get some sunshine. He was jumping from the curb to the play area which isn’t a huge feat, but I was impressed that he has learned to balance himself and trust himself enough to try things. He doesn’t fall down quite as much as he used to and when he does, instead of crying, he looks for me and yells “I’m okay!”

I am not doing a very good job at taking advantage of his good memory. He soaks in so much and I need to be pouring scripture into his little mind, but it seems I’m always too busy. I will do better.