Comforting Ivan

Ivan is laying on my bed and he’s on his back, pacifier fallen out of his mouth and crying helplessly. I am unable to get to him as I am pumping and Owen hears his cries. “I have to go see what’s wrong with Ivan.”

“Don’t cry Ivan.”

“Don’t cry Ivan!”

The crying stops for a few seconds and Owen feels successful so he turns to leave. As soon as he is almost through the bedroom door Ivan cries again.

“Hey! It will be better!” Owen turns and shouts to his brother.

The cries continue.

“HEY! IT WILL BE BETTER!” he shouts louder and spaces his words out this time. As the cries continue he gives up and goes back to his playing.

Ivan is quiet.

Doctor Appointment

Well, God was and is good. I prayed with the boys before we got out of the car and specifically asked that we would have a smooth and pressure free appointment. I prayed that the doctor would be a wise and good man and that we would be ministers in that office. I prayed that we would have the wisdom to say only what needs to be said and to keep from saying anything that didn’t need to be said.

Everything in the office was clean and comfortable, it was not the newest or most high tech looking place but it seemed well cared for. We were seen very quickly, I would say within 5 minutes of our appointment time scheduled and the nurse was quick and personable. We were in and out of the office in about 45 minutes total. The Nurse asked about immunizations and I told her that we chose not to do them. She just looked at me blankly for a few seconds and then went on. She asked who my OB/GYN is and I explained I have a midwife. She said…”I could have done that…I am not one of these epidural fans.” The doctor didn’t make us wait. He was in there and checking Ivan right away. Owen was a little shy at first but was fascinated by him checking Ivan and that made it easier once it was his turn. Dr. Witters was very gentle and patient and I think we will like him for a family doctor. The Dr. was impressed with how strong Ivan is and how calm and obliging Owen is.

Ivan is 13 lbs. and 13 1/2 oz. and 25 inches long. He is in the 50th percentile for weight and 90th for height. The Dr. asked me if his daddy is tall. He said twice…”you have a healthy little boy.”

Owen is 30 lbs. and 37 inches tall. He is also in the 50th percentile for weight and is in the 75th for height. Dr. Witters complimented him over and over at what a good patient he is. I told him about his cold and the mucus in his eyes. He said we had done the right thing by using warm water on the eyes and Aquafor on the skin underneath. He said he probably has blocked tear ducts causing the build up of mucus but there is no conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Ivan was so adorable and laughed while he was being checked with the stethoscope. Owen was very cooperative and didn’t get upset about anything once he saw that he wasn’t going to get hurt.

The Dr. asked me if they were up to date on immunizations and I simply said we’ve chosen not to do them. He said “okay”. Later he said…”has anyone given you information on the pros and cons of immunizations?” I said yes and he said “so you know the risks of having them or not.” I said yes and that was it. He wants to see Ivan in another three months and Owen in a year.

I’m so happy.

The Funny Man

Owen is becoming so comical. Last night as we were walking through the nursery area to check him in to his class he purposefully walked into a wall and fell down. Just to be funny. I had my back turned but Becky saw him and started laughing. She wasn’t sure if he had done it on purpose or not until I told her that he does that at home too. He likes to do physical comedy. Just a moment ago he tugged a big pillow up the stairs and then proceeded to pick it up and walk around with it groaning and saying it’s too heavy as he stepped back and forth as if he couldn’t balance the weight or hold onto it any more and then finally falling down on top of it.

In the car last night on the way home from church he announced “I eat goldfish in class.” I was so impressed. Not that he ate goldfish but that he actually related something that he had done in class. Usually I’ll ask him stuff and he just says yes to everything or no to everything.

He’s come a long way on the “please” and “thank you’s” lately and seems to understand that it’s important to ask politely. He doesn’t always do it and I don’t always notice so I’m sure we’ll still be working on it for a while. The one thing I don’t like is how argumentative he’s become. My commands are followed by his suggestions and it drives me crazy. This will be corrected.

For my birthday we all went to the Louisville Zoo. Owen was very good about holding the birds in the lorikeet exhibit. Kris got some really cute pictures of him so I’ll post them here.birdsbirdsbirdsbirdsbirdsbirdsbirds