So Much to Say

Owen talks like crazy and is becoming more and more fun to quote. Most of the time he is repeating things we say. Though it’s somewhat annoying, it’s also very cute. Today we drove Kris to work and on the way back we were near a large UPS truck. Owen saw it and said “Oh look, a bus…no…That’s not a bus honey.” Then he repeated himself about three times with the last part of the phrase. “That’s not a bus honey.” That’s the way I correct him so often that he just makes it part of his vocabulary as well.

He is also learning how to use pronouns which is so much fun. Right now he’s figuring out “you” and “me”. This is so confusing and the other day I realized that he was confused when he pointed to himself and say “you” then pointed to me and said “me”. Then over and over with his finger pointing back and forth “you and me!” but of course it was the wrong you and me. I corrected him as well as I could and today he has been doing the same thing but in the right order. It’s so impressive to me that he can see the difference and understand the correct use of words like this. I never think about it as confusing until I try to explain it to him. He understands a great deal and corrects himself as he sees us use terms in the right way.

One pronoun he hasn’t figured out yet is “her”. Everyone is referred to as “him”, “he” and “his” no matter what their gender. I’m not in a rush to explain differences yet so I’m letting it go. He’ll figure it all out soon enough.

Woody Pooh Pecter

I was trying to tell Owen about Woody Wood Pecker the other day. I tried to do the laugh and though he got a kick out of it, I wasn’t very good at it. I tried getting him to say Woody Wood Pecker and his interpretation made me laugh. “Woody Pooh Pector” he said. When I laughed at him he started laughing too, knowing he had said it wrong. He tried a few more times to no avail and then simply said…”I can’t say it” and laughed at himself some more. It was so adorable to hear him try.

Owen tries very hard to pronounce things correctly and even grammatically correct. He knows when things don’t come out right and often tries again and again to say things right. He sounds like he’s stuttering and I sometimes have to stop myself from helping him so that he can figure it out for himself. He’s doing so well.


Owen had me laughing on the way home from Wednesday night service tonight. He wanted to sing, so we sang the Veggie Tales theme song and without prompting, he started singing along with me for the first time. It was so fun! He was trying to keep up with me for some of it, ahead of me for some, and right on target for a few words. I was enjoying myself immensely. He has sung with me when we sing the alphabet but any other songs he usually just wants me to sing or he only fills in the words that I leave blank. We sang the song over and over and I was laughing which got him laughing and pretty soon we were giggling together. Then he started asking to sing the “other song”. What other song? I kept asking and offering different options which he consistently refused. He started to get upset that I wasn’t singing the “other song” to which I responded…”how about…blllbblblblbl?” (however you spell that spitting noise) This got him really giggling and the rest of the way home I had the easiest audience I’ve ever humored. He was laughing so hard I was afraid he was going to hyperventilate. I love having a two year old boy.

Tonight when we got in the car we began driving away from the playground at the church. Owen asked, “can you say playground?” I snickered and answered as we always expect him too, “playground” I said. Then I asked him to say it and he said it correctly. The reason this is significant is that up until tonight I’ve only heard him say “slayground” or “sayground”. He had major difficulty putting the p and the l together in any word that combined them. Please was “slease” and play was usually “say”.

Owen also has a hard time saying bridge. He loves to drive over bridges and when he knows we are near one he asks if we are “going to find bidch”. Yes, bidch. It sounds just like he’s using offensive language and I try not to laugh at him.